Electronic Cigarette Atomisers – The Engine Of Your E Cig

Electronic Cigarette Atomisers – The Engine Of Your E Cig

Electronic Cigarette Atomizers

Cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive, if not the most addictive human behaviours. This centuries old behaviour has seen many innovations come up to satisfy the urge of its consumers’. One of the most notable inventions is the electronic cigarette, which was meant to give smokers a better smoking experience without the harmful side effects associated with tobacco. The E cigarette is used by some as a way to help quit smoking and others as an alternative to smoking.

An e cigarette is essentially a smoking machine but works on the same principle as ordinary cigarettes i.e. burning something to give out smoke which is then inhaled. The major difference is that in an electronic cigarette the substance being burnt is in liquid form, and rather than smoke it produces vapour. The part of the e cigarette that produces this function, and the most important is called the atomiser, or atomizer, depending on which spelling you prefer. They are usually referred to as atomiser tanks, or just tanks and one would be right to term the atomiser as the engine of the e cigarette.

What is an Atomiser?

An e cigarette atomiser is basically what transforms the liquid in an E cigarette to the vapour that is inhaled. It comes in a variety shapes and sizes which depend on the type of e cigarette it is being used on. Electronic cigarettes themselves come in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Atomisers are built and shaped to the type of e cigarette you are using. If for example your e cig shaped like a conventional cigarette then your e cig atomiser will be a round metal tube.

The inside of this tube contains a cluster of wires that do the actual heating. On the outside it is mainly coated with a primer fluid to prevent oxidization. However, this primer fluid will evaporate soon after you start using the e cigarette so it’s bad taste is unnoticeable.

How does an Atomiser Work?

The technology behind an atomiser is rather very simple since it entails heating liquid to transform it into its vapour state. At the base of an e cigarette there is a lithium battery which acts as the source of power to the atomiser. This battery is connected to the atomiser through a circuit board. In order to use the e cig you first need to inhale through the circuit board which acts as an automatic power on signal.

The circuit board then transfers some electric currents to the atomiser. The metal wires inside the atomizer are then heated to the required temperature so that it can begin ‘vaping’ the e liquid.

Next to the atomiser is a cartridge that contains the e liquid nicotine (there are also other nicotine free liquids available). The cartridge has a wick that connects to the heated atomiser. The liquid in the wick is heated into a vapour that is then inhaled from the other side of the cartridge (Note that once the amount of liquid gets finished the circuit will break in some e cigarettes).

It is also important to know that not all electronic cigarettes power on automatically; some have manual switches on the side, but the atomiser works essentially the same.

Important Things To Know

The atomiser just like other eletcronic accessories that work using the same principle, has a very short life span and it is important to have a few of them. The average life span of one is around 1 week, depending on how often you use it.

It is also important to know that you can clean your atomiser regularly but it is not mandatory. Cleaning has little effect on its performance and only really necessary when changing flavour .

Popular Atomisers

There are many popular atomisers on the market, made by various manufacturers. It really is personal preference as to which one you will prefer, and most vapers will go through a range of different makes and models before settling on their atomiser of choice.

Aspire Atomizer

Aspire are a big name in the e cig industry and many rate their atomisers as among the best on the market. They have a wide range of models to choose from and all are built to a high quality and produce an excellent vape. Notable atmosers in their range include the Aspire Nautilus and the Aspire Vivi Nova.

Kanger Atomizer

Kanger are another big name in the industry, especially for their starter kits. They have a huge range of atomisers to choose from that come in all shapes and sizes. Most notable among the Kanger range is their Genitank series, which come in both mega and mini forms, as well as their standard size.

All things considered, if you are going to be a vaper of e cigarettes then you should acquaint yourself with atomisers and try out a wide range of them before settling on the one you prefer. As mentioned previously they are the engine of your e cig, and so if an e cigarette was a car you would want it to have the best engine possible. We have a huge range of atomisers on our store so there are plenty to choose from.

We always welcome comments and feedback on all of our products, so if you have anything you would like to say about any particular atomizer then feel free to drop us a comment in the box below.

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