E Cigarette Market Sees Huge Growth

E Cigarette Market Sees Huge Growth

E-Cig growth in the UK

The Tobacco industry in the U.K is currently experiencing major changes due to the preferences and lifestyle changes of smokers. Thanks largely to the rise of electronic cigarettes, which offer a safer and more convenient way to smoke, a good number of people are quitting tobacco smoking and switching over to vaping instead.

An e cigarette is a “vaping” device that works pretty much like a normal cigarette. In fact, if you’re not careful, you might mistake it for a real cigarette, as some are built to look exactly like the real thing. An electronic cigarette though has an electronic inhaler which features a heating element, whose main job is to vapourize the liquid that resides in the e cigarette. In most cases, the liquid is either nicotine or can be just a flavoured liquid. To cut a long story short, these are battery-powered inhalers that have replaced conventional cigarettes, and regulars of the Smokshop website will know all about them.

The rapid growth in e cigs has also seen a rapid growth in e liquid. Manufacturers of e liquid have come up with various flavours to address every vapers taste. They are available in menthol, pink bubble gum, peach, watermelon, and so much more. However some still claim that e cigs can be a health risk.

There has been lot’s of tests recently on the safety of e cigarettes, but it is true that some affects on humans are still unknown. However, the research that has been carried on them suggests that they are less toxic than conventional cigarettes.

Phenomenal Growth

A report carried out by rnrmarketresearch.com forecasts that the consumption of electronic cigarettes will continue to grow between 2013-2018 at a rate of 39.8%. This goes along with the awareness on the benefits of using e cigarettes as opposed to tobacco cigarettes.

The report on e cigarette consumption covers areas such as growth rate, the current and prospective state of the market (2013-2018) and key vendors involved in the trade of electronic cigarettes.

The following are considered mainstream vendors in the industry, particularly in the USA.

Green Smoke Inc, Nicocigs Ltd, Lorillard Inc, Vivid Vapours Ltd, Group LLC, Mperial Tobacco Group plc, Gamucci Ltd, Logic Technology, Reynolds American Inc, NJOY Inc, VMR Products LLC, among others.

What Is Driving The Market?

The key market driver is attributed to the fact that consumers who used to smoke tobacco now want to quit smoking, and substitute tobacco with electronic cigarettes. This makes sense with the obvious proven risks of smoking tobacco compared to the lesser risk of e cigs.

Challenges Faced

Whenever there is an evolution in any market field, stringent government laws and regulations come into play. So as more people start using e cigarettes, the government continues beefing up their laws and restrictions. We are seeing this particularly in the States, but also in the World Health Organization calling for tighter controls.

There is no doubt with the amount of research carried out that e cigarettes are safer than tobacco, and the huge growth in the sale of e cigarettes reflects this. What are your thoughts? Are e cigarettes a good thing? We certainly think so!

Author: Kevin Ewbank
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