Cosmic Fog E Liquid Review

Cosmic Fog E Liquid Review

Cosmic Fog E-liquid Norwich

In our quest to find the perfect e liquid we have been reviewing all of the brands and manufacturers that hit our shores. Today we are looking at a company from Orange Country, USA called Cosmic Fog. The guys at Cosmic Fog used to be a part of Space Jam e liquids, but decided to branch away on their own and created Cosmic Fog.

Their mission is to provide high quality, unique e liquid, and they certainly deliver on the uniqueness of their flavours. They have quite a cool logo and a distinctive name, so let’s look at their flavours to see how they match up.

Flavours by Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog currently have 6 flavours to choose from:

  • Kryptonite: A sweet, refreshing blend of cool melon paired candy.
  • The Shocker: Sweet strawberries paired in a medley of tropical fruit draw and a burst of citrus lemonade.
  • Milk & Honey: Puffy marshmallow and sweet milk with rich honey.
  • Nutz : Sweet and juicy strawberry preserve, with ground almond butter and whipped honey cream.
  • Cola Gummy: Chewy gummy cola bottles with a rush of fizz, like you popped a can of soda.
  • Church: Scoops of old fashioned vanilla ice cream, lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge, topped off with subtle notes of sliced bananas.

As you can see the flavours are certainly unique. They have been adventurous in their blends and it will be interesting to see if it has paid off. We had a look at a few to find out.

Milk & Honey: has been garnering great reviews on the vaping forums and is a highly unique flavour. It is labelled as marshmallow with milk and honey. It has a distinctive honey smell to it and has an almost custardy flavour. It has a great cloud to it and a nice throat hit. It has a really nice sweet honey flavour. The honey comes over much stronger than the milk or marshmallow, but it does have a nice creamy texture to it. It’s a really smooth vape with a clean, sweet taste of honey. This flavour is great and has been getting great reviews from everyone we know that has tried it.

Kryptonite: is a sweet cool melon paired with a candy mix. It has a strong melon flavour and has a slight hit of menthol. It is a really nice rounded flavour that has also been getting great reviews. The melon comes through really well and paired with the candy makes it very different to other melon flavours on the market. This is a very nice vape that should definitely be tried if you like the taste of melon.

Cola Gummy: is a fun tasting flavour of Cola Gummy Bears. It tastes exactly how it’s described. If you liked cola gummy bears then you will like this flavour. It’s a sweet vape that is good for a fun change, but maybe not for every day vaping. Our reviewers have given it the thumbs up, so if you want something a little different then give it a try.

Nutz: is a sweet strawberry jam type flavour with almond and whipped honey cream. This is a cool sweet blend and full of flavour. The strawberry comes through really well and has a sweetness to it that is reminiscent of strawberry jam. It has a subtle hint of almond that is light and nutty, and it blends well with the strawberry. It also has a creamy texture which would be the honey cream. The three flavours mix really well and the blend offers a great fruity, sweet vape. As with all Cosmic Fog liquids it has a great cloud to it, and all in all we would recommend you give it a try.

Church: is a hot fudge sundae, and is a great dessert flavoured vape. It has a high PG count so although it produces a great cloud it doesn’t linger too much and dissipates quite fast. It’s a nice smooth vape which is full of flavour. It doesn’t taste too much of fudge and has an almost chocolate flavour to it. It has a sweet taste and is very smooth. We didn’t get the hot fudge sundae come through, but we did get a nice, sweet chocolate flavour and it’s a blend that is worth a try if you are looking for something different. But not one of our favourites from Cosmic Fog.

All in all we think Cosmic Fog have done an excellent job with their blends. They are full of flavour and getting great reviews around the Web. The Milk & Honey in particular has gone down a storm and if you are only going to try one juice from Cosmic Fog, we highly recommend you giving Milk & Honey a try.

As always we welcome your views here at So if you have any comments or feedback regarding Cosmic Fog we would love to hear them. Simply drop us a line in the box below.

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