Colonel Boom’s Bang Bang E Liquid Review

Colonel Boom’s Bang Bang E Liquid Review

Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice

Today we are looking at another e liquid brand and this time they are based in the UK. Colonel Boom Bang Bang are a British company developing and producing their e liquid right here in the UK. They currently have eleven flavours available and we are stocking them all on our website. They have been garnering some great reviews for their complex range of flavours and received many high praises across e cig forums on the Internet. The names of the flavours are slightly ironic and adhering to the military theme. All of their blends are a 40/60 mix, so pack more of a punch than many liquids on the market. We like their sense of humour and patriotic British style, but what do they taste like?

Flavours by Colonel Boom

  • BlackPowder: A mix of anise and liquorice as the base flavour with a hint of fruit.
  • By Jove: A rhubarb and double cream flavoured e-liquid with a hint of vanilla.
  • CeaseFire: A blend of sweet strawberries, green apples and kiwi fruit.
  • HeadShot: A mentholated tongue twister with added peppermint and lime to refresh yogurt.
  • Comino: A mix of raspberry, blueberry with a light menthol touch along with plum and apple.
  • Coup D’Etat: A blend of exotic citrus fruits which include pomelo, dragon fruit and papaya.
  • HeartShot: Created by accident this fruity fizz tasting juice is reminiscent of a popular fizzy sweet.
  • Key West: A mix of limes, condensed milk based filling and crumbly crust.
  • Marshal’s Traite: A mix of black grape and citrus fruits.
  • Over The Top: A passion fruit cheese cake that is rich and creamy with a delicious biscuit.
  • Pearl Harbor: A smooth custard with coconut and a hint of caramel and pineapple.

As you can see Colonel Boom has a range of interesting flavours. They have added some combinations of flavours that we haven’t seen before, and it’ll be interesting to see if they prove a hit not just with customers in the UK, but in the US and worldwide.

Taste Test

We had a look at a few flavours to see how they measure up.

HeartShot: HeartShot is an interesting flavour that they claim to have created by accident. All flavours have a 40/60 mix are dense in flavour and contain a full, rich vape. The aim with HeartShot is to provide a fizz on the tongue, like a Sherbert Dip, and it certainly lives up to the claims. It has a good throat hit and does seem to have a lingering fizz after the vape. This is one of the most interesting e liquids we’ve tried and taste just like the sweets we all loved as kids. If you like a sweet vape, you’ll love this flavour. It isn’t a sickly sweet, but a nice, fruity sweet. It does have a powerful hit and we can see this being a great addition to any vapers arsenal.

Key West: Is a mix of limes, condensed milk and crumbly crust. It does have a hint of Key Lime Pie, and you can taste the biscuit base. For fans of dessert flavours this is a real treat of a vape. It has a great throat hit as all of their collection has and is full of flavour. You can really taste the lime, the biscuit base and the cream on the aftertaste.

Pearl Harbor: Is a smooth custard with coconut and a hint of caramel and pineapple. Some would say quite an odd mix, but it works well as a dessert blend. You can really taste the custard and the fruitiness comes over as more of an aftertaste and a subtle hint that an intrusion on the custard and is a sweet, complex flavour. Fans of custard will love this vape and it’s a great all round dessert flavour.

Ceasefire: Is a strawberry mix with a hint of kiwi and apple. This is one for the fruit lovers out there. You can really taste the strawberry and the apple comes over as a sweet overtone. It’s a real fresh taste and the blend of strawberry and apple work really well together. The kiwi may come through as an aftertaste, but this vape is all about the strawberries and apples and vapers that like fruit based e liquids will love this flavour.

All in all we think Colonel Boom is on to a winner. Their liquids pack a powerful punch and their flavours are strong, and we can see Colonel Boom Bang Bang being a big hit with our customers.

As always we welcome your feedback, so if you have any comments regarding Colonel Boom, feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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