Clutch Vapors Review

Clutch Vapors Review

Clutch Vapors E-Liquid

Thanks for visiting the blog again. Regular readers will know that we are reviewing all of the e liquid brands that we stock and giving our customers the best choice of e liquids in the UK. Today we are looking at Clutch Vapor and seeing what exciting new flavours they have to offer us.

Clutch Vapors is another offering by the same team that have brought us Timebomb and Buckshot. It was developed by Alena and Greg and carries the same funky branding as their other two brands. This time though they have created Clutch Vapors to bring us some more complex flavours. If you are a fan of dessert or sweet flavours then you are going to love Clutch Vapors.

At the time of writing they only have four flavours available. They have gone for some real distinct flavours that must have taken some serious testing to get right. We are big fans of all of the e liquids by Alena and Greg and the masters at Buckshot Vapors Inc, so were sure to be delighted by the latest offerings of Clutch Vapors. As we all know though, branding and style will only get you so far and the real test of an e liquid is the taste. So how does Clutch compare?

Flavours by Clutch Vapors

  • Bullseye: Caramel, vanilla cheesecake.
  • Ace: Strawberry and Mango
  • Ringer: Blue Cotton Candy.
  • TKO: Raspberry and lemonade.

It is very difficult to get a flavour like caramel vanilla cheesecake right, and some companies have failed miserably. Clutch Vapors though have drawn from their experience with Buckshot and Timebomb and their mixologists have an art to perfecting complex flavours. All e liquid under the Buckshot umbrella come with a 40/60 mix, which means they provide a great hit that is full of flavour. Perfect for some of the recipes they are bringing us.

Their Bullseye caramel, vanilla cheesecake flavour really does taste like cheesecake. It is a sweet, sticky vape that taste strongly of caramel and has that cheesecake and vanilla overtone, is perfect for lovers of dessert flavoured e liquid.

Ringer for example is a Blue cotton candy flavour, and is truly delicious for fans of candyfloss. You can really taste the candyfloss flavour and kudo to the team at Clutch Vapors for pulling it off. It has a light flavour with a hint of sweet blueberry.

Another great flavour is Ace. Ace is strawberry mango and they have really delivered on the odd mix of fruits. It has an almost strawberry jam taste to it and the mango is just a slight overtone which adds nicely to the texture. It’s an all-round lighter vape than some of their e liquids and if you like strawberry, this is an excellent example of what can be achieved with a strawberry blend.

TKO is their final offering for the moment and is one of the most popular in the range. It’s a raspberry lemonade flavour and the raspberry really comes through as a sweet jam-like flavour. The lemonade is the American lemonade which we in the UK would call lemon juice or cordial. So the lemon is really strong in this and mixed with the raspberry offers a delightful tangy flavour.

Fans of e liquid are going to love these flavours as much as any of the flavours offered by Buckshot and Timebomb. As mentioned they are a little more adventurous and complex but they have really managed to pull it off and will make a great addition to any vapers arsenal.

We stock the full range of Clutch Vapors in our Norwich shop and will be looking to add them to our website soon. If in the meantime you can’t get to our Norwich shop and are desperate to try some of the flavours by Clutch, then feel free to drop us a line and we’ll see if we can get some sent out to you.

As always we welcome your feedback, so if you have any comments about any of the Clutch Vapors range, please drop us a line in the box below.

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