Clearing things up with Clearomizers

Clearing things up with Clearomizers

A clearomizer is an atomizer in a see through or clear tank. These work using a replacement atomizer head system which contains a pre built wick and coil inside that is changed instead of replacing an entire disposable tank. 

There are many different designs, but each effectively work exactly the same way, the two main types would be bottom and top coiled. Bottom coiled tend to have a cooler vape and benefit from slightly thicker e-liquids such as our Vampire Vape range where as the top coiled clearomizers have a warmer vape and benefit from a thinner e-liquid like our SmokShop Hangsen range as the e-liquid is travelling vertically up a wick.

Cleaning a Clearomizer with warm water

Cleaning your Clearomizer
Regular maintenance of your clearomizer tanks is essential in order to keep them performing to a high standard and ensure a long life span. Maintaining your tanks is pretty easy, follow these simple steps to get the most from your tanks;

Step 1
Regularly changing your atomizer head is very important, the atomizer does all the work in a clearomizer, and are inexpensive to replace. There is no set time that an atomizer will last for, but on average around one week for a heavy vaper and two for a light vaper, they have also been known to last less than that as well as a lot longer… In some cases months! The way to tell if an atomizer needs to be replaced is a decrease in flavour and vapour production or possibly even a burnt caramelised taste, all or which would indicate that an atomizer change is needed.

Step 2
Cleaning and maintaining your tank is a must to keep them performing well. Clearomizer tanks come with typically four parts, a base section, tank section, atomizer head and drip tip. In most cases there will be a small rubber ring on the drip tip and also on the base section, please take care not to lose these when cleaning.

There are several ways to clean a clearomizer tank, the easiest way is to use warm running water and a small brush or pipe cleaner, all you need to do is take each piece and run it under warm water while scrubbing with your brush or pipe cleaner. If you do not have a brush or pipe cleaner simply running them under warm water will clean the parts, but it may take longer. Another way of cleaning your tank parts is to bathe them in a cleaning solution or vodka for 24 hours, this will remove any dirt or build up from the clearomizer tank. We recommend after washing your tank to allow each part to air dry for 24 hours before using again. Following these steps you will have the best possible vaping experience from your clearomizer tank and will extend not only the life of your tanks but your atomizer heads too.

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