Chapter XII E Liquid Review

Chapter XII E Liquid Review

Chapter XII Eliquid Norwich

This week on the Smokshop blog we are continuing our reviews of the many e liquid brands that we stock both on our website and in our shop in Norwich. There are many brands of e liquid on the market and more keep hitting our shelves all of the time and it is our mission to stock and review each one to give our customers the widest choice possible. Today we are going to be looking at Chapter XII E Liquid, or Chapter Twelve to make it easier.

Chapter XII are another relative new comer hailing from the United States, and their angle is famous American authors. Each of their flavours has been given the name of a famous writer, for example Hemingway, and they specialise in fruity flavours for the vaper with a sweet tooth. They haven’t got a huge range, currently only producing five flavours, but this seems to be a trend with E liquid brands that are more eager to produce a low quantity range that is high in quality. The reviews for Chapter XII have been favourable so far and their Hemingway flavour has proven to be a real winner among vapers that enjoy a mothers milk or strawberry custard flavours.

All of the flavours produced by Chapter XII are very distinctive and full of flavour and provide a smooth, tasty vape. This has been winning them many admirers and customers Stateside and we are sure they are going to be a hit here in the UK.

Flavours by Chapter XII

  • Capote: Pineapple and Peach with a touch of Banana and Cream.
  • Fitzgerald: Strawberry and Sparkling Lime Soda.
  • Hemingway: Strawberry, Bavarian Cream and Vanilla Custard.
  • Joyce: Vanilla Ice cream with Fresh Berries.
  • Salinger: Cantaloupe, Papaya and Pomegranate.

All of the flavours provided by Chapter XII are fresh, fruity and distinct. They have put a lot of effort into getting their blends just right and it really comes over in the taste. Hemingway is proving to be the most popular so far, but the Capote is also well worth a try with its smooth, fruity flavour and hint of banana. How big or popular Chapter XII will become in the long term is yet to be seen, as they are still relatively new to the industry, but here at Smokshop we welcome all new flavours and are happy to give our customers the choice to try out each new flavour as it hits the market.

We currently only stock Chapter XII in our Norwich shop but we will be adding their range to our website at some point. If you can not get to Norwich or wait for us to upload them to our website, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can get some sent over to you. If you are a fan of fruity e liquid flavours then you will love some of the fruity flavours offered by Chapter XII.

As always if you have any feedback or comments feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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