Canada Votes Against E Cigarette Ban

Canada Votes Against E Cigarette Ban

There is good news for vapers in Aurora, Canada as they can now keep on vaping inside the towns facilities without experiencing any problems. The news came after the Council voted against a statutory ban. A while ago, there were some complaints about a person using an electronic cigarette at the Aurora Public Library. The staff members presented a report requesting the Council members to ban the use of electronic cigarettes within all town facilities.

Electronic cigarettes comprise of a battery, a small chamber containing e-liquid, and an atomizer to heat up the e-liquid and produce the vapour. These devices aren’t covered under the State’s Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Due to this, it’s not illegal to use electronic cigarettes in public spaces and workplaces.

According to Councillor Paul Pirri, a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes seems premature. The Councillor doesn’t smoke e cigarettes, but still prefers them over tobacco products. He believes that it makes sense to wait for some conclusive evidence of any health implications related to the use of electronic cigarettes.

The Councillor believes there are still a lot of things to learn about electronic cigarettes. For instance, the staff members’ report mentions something about protecting the users from unknown health implications of second hand e cigarette smoke. However, electronic cigarettes emit just water vapour, not smoke. This demonstrates the staff members don’t even know what they are opposed to.

Reports suggest that Councillor Evelyn Buck wants to support people using electronic cigarettes by not banning their use. Similarly, Councillor Michael Thompson believes that it would be better to leave the matter in the hands of the Government rather than focusing on it at the local level.

Town Solicitor Warren Mar assured the Council that the province is taking the issue seriously, and matters are being discussed. The verdict would only cover indoor town facilities, and not any outdoor town parks. The ban against the use of electronic cigarettes was defeated in 5-4 vote.

This is great news for the people of Aurora, and we would like to see this type of common sense approach here in the UK. Hopefully sooner or later some conclusive evidence will arrive that second hand vapour is 100% harmless, and our councils will have no choice but to allow us all to vape anywhere we wish.

What do you think? Do you think vaping in public places should be allowed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
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