Call For Child Proof Packaging On E Liquid

Call For Child Proof Packaging On E Liquid

Child Proof Bottle

New laws are being drafted in the States and in particular in Columbus, Ohio to enforce child proof packaging on all e liquid containers. America tend to lead the way in laws concerning e cigarettes, so it is worth noting this new development as if successful we could see the World health Organisation start calling for child proof packaging too.

Companies that are caught trading e liquid without the required new packaging could be fined up to $1000. This is according to a new Senate Bill that was recently drafted in Ohio. The fines, as all fines do, will go towards the local treasury.

The call is for childproof packaging on all e liquid, whether they contain nicotine or not. There has been recent high profile cases where children have ingested e liquid and been hospitalised. The danger is when they come in sweet flavours such as Cherry or Mint, they can attract a child who thinks they are a fruit drink.

In America last year there were 257 children hospitalised due to e liquid poisoning. This year it is claimed to have risen to 481, which has coincided with the rise in popularity of e cigarettes.

The new laws will require that safety caps, similar to those on prescription pills and products such as bleach should be placed on bottles of e liquid. Sealed, pre-filled, and disposable replacement cartridges would be exempted under the bill.

Here at Smokshop we feel it is sensible to add childproof packaging to e liquid. It wouldn’t add a huge amount on to the price of a bottle of e liquid, and may prevent accidents arising from children getting hold of their parents stash.

Some people complain that cigarettes themselves do not need to be in child proof packaging, and complain that this is just another example of the government trying to take control of our lives. But others counter that by saying that e liquid has a far more concentrated form of nicotine than normal cigarettes.

Another point that has been made is that most e liquid bottles only contain between 6 and 24mg of nicotine and that a lethal dose is around 500mg. So there is no danger to life here, just the potential to cause sickness.

With all that being said though we can’t see the harm in it. We all want to keep our children safe from harm, so childproof packaging can only be a good thing. It will add a small amount on to the price of a bottle of e liquid, but it will keep our children safe and give the naysayers of e cigarettes less to complain about.

What do you think? Do you think childproofing e liquid is a good or bad idea? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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