Buckshot Vapors E Liquid Review

Buckshot Vapors E Liquid Review

Buckshot Eliquid available in our stores in Cromer and Norwich

Continuing our e liquid reviews we are today looking at Buckshot. Buckshot was created by two fans of vaping, Alena and Greg. They liked vaping so much they decided to start their own company (a little like Victor Kiam did with Remington), and they produced a line of e liquid they can be proud of. They created Time Bomb vapors and now Buckshot vapors and both are garnering great reviews from within the industry.

They have a relatively large range of flavours and are growing in popularity stateside and we are hoping they will do the same in the UK. Their labelling and logo is edgy and reminiscent of street styles like metal and hip hop and their branding is strong and has a clear vision of who they are and where they want to go. Their blends are 40% PG/60% VG. This produces a nice vapour and a strong flavour and is one of the preferred blends on the market.

Flavours by Buckshot

  • C4: Delicious Creamy blueberry shortcake.
  • Cherry Bomb: Infused Cherries and whipped cream.
  • Double Tap: Sweet Dragon fruit and strawberry.
  • Hard Candy: Combined Sweet Tarts candy.
  • M80: Refreshing Dragon fruit and watermelon.
  • XXX: Fresh Kiwi fruit, peach and mango.
  • .357: Authentic Water melon and cool menthol.
  • M2: Ginger ale and cherry, reminiscent of a Shirley Temple cocktail.

All comments by our vapers at Smokshop have been favourable, with most commenting on the smooth and creamy flavours. The M80 is a sweet dragon fruit and water melon and is full of flavour. You can really taste the water melon and it’s a fresh, clean vape almost reminiscent of bubble gum. It’s not too sweet and stays faithful to the pure taste of watermelon. The dragon fruit comes through as more of an overtone but it’s the watermelon that is the winner here.

Another flavour that’s proved a hit is the Cherry Bomb. You can really taste the cherries in this and the whipped cream provides a nice after taste. Another flavour that will prove a hit for those with a sweet tooth is Hard Candy. Hard Candy is a complex candy flavour that has a strong taste of sweet tarts. It is a fully flavoured liquid that provides a rich, sweet taste. It’s not as full flavoured as the watermelon but it has a complex flavour of varying sweets and is sure to be a big hit.

We can see big things coming from Buckshot and they have many fans in the states and their full flavours are proving a hit among vapers worldwide. They are definitely one to watch and if you are a fan of watermelon then you will love the M80. We have the full range available in our store and all will be added to our website as soon as we get the chance.

As always if you have any comments or feedback about Buckshot Vapors we would love to hear it. Simply drop us a line in the box below.

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