BoOom Juice Review

BoOom Juice Review

Today in our search to find the perfect e liquid we are looking at BoOom Juice. BoOom Juice is a British made e liquid produced by UK Vape Clouds. UK Vape Clouds are on Facebook and have a fantastic group with vapers discussing all things e liquid and e cigarettes. They have a wide range of flavours, all of which are stocked here at So let’s take a look and see what they are made of.

Flavours by BoOom Juice

BoOom Juice currently have nine flavours to choose from.

  • Banana Custard: A rich banana flavour over a smooth custard.
  • Citrus Sunshine: A mixture of several different citrus fruits with a hint of melon.
  • Custard: A smooth creamy custard that will keep you wanting more.
  • Florida Keys: A moreish key lime pie vape with a hint of pastry and a lime kick on the exhale.
  • Lizard Tears Cloud: This is a blend of dark fruits that tastes similar to a blackcurrant and grape.
  • Lizard Tears Tank: This is a blend of dark fruits that tastes similar to a blackcurrant and grape.
  • Monkey Dreams: A mixture of banana and cookies that has a mild creaminess in the background.
  • Raspberry Custard: This is a smooth custard vape with undertones of a fresh raspberry.
  • Strawberry Delight: A smooth a rich strawberry cheese cake flavour.

As you can see BoOom Juice have kept their range small at the moment. They are specialising in specific flavours and their custard flavour is garnering fantastic reviews across the Internet at the moment. It’s a premium e liquid and is £4.99 for 10ml, but well worth the outlay.

Custard: As mentioned previously the custard flavour by BoOom Juice is one of the best on the market at the moment. It has a 70/30 mix and has excellent vapour production. The custard flavour on this is quite exceptional if you like custard. Mothers Milk has been getting great reviews but some would argue this is even better. If you are a fan of custard then you must try this flavour. It is a full on sweet, creamy vanilla custard flavour. We can’t praise this highly enough.

Raspberry Custard: Not content with completely smashing their custard flavour, BoOom Juice have also made a raspberry custard. If you remember Raspberry Ripple ice cream, then you will know what this juice smells like. It is cool Raspberry Ripple. It has a tremendous cloud as all BoOom vapes have. It is full of flavour as you would expect from their signature custard flavour. This has overtones of raspberry that blend very well. It is not overpowering or sickly in any way just a nice raspberry infused custard. Well worth trying if you like raspberry custard.

Strawberry Delight: is a strawberry cheesecake flavour. We were interested to see what BoOom could do with strawberry cheesecake, seeing as their custard is so spectacular. Great vapour production as always. The taste is very subtle. It has hints of strawberry with a creamy flavour. It tastes almost like strawberry ice cream and isn’t overpowering in any way, but is a nice blend is you like dessert flavoured e liquids. Not quite as wow factor as the custard but this is a nice representation of strawberry cheesecake.

Florida Keys: is a key lime pie flavour by BoOom Juice. You can really taste the lime and you can really taste the meringue aftertaste. Like Strawberry Delight it isn’t overpowering in any way. It leans more towards subtlety and brings out the flavours in a natural way. If you like key lime or dessert flavours then you should give this a try.

Banana Custard: Finishing off with another custard flavour, as it is a flavour that BoOom seem to have mastered. Banana custard has a strong emphasis on the banana and the custard is in the background as an undertone. It is a very sweet vape, strong on banana, so if you like banana then you will love this vape.

All in all we would say BoOom Juice are definitely one to watch. Their custard flavour has blown the market away and vapers are almost unanimous in that BoOom’s custard is the best on the market at the moment. All of their flavours are great and if you haven’t tried them yet then get over to our store and order some up.

As always we welcome your feedback, so if you have any comments about BoOom Juice drop us a line in the box below.


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