Aspire to Greatness with The Nautilus Series

Aspire to Greatness with The Nautilus Series

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There are so many different manufacturers of E Cigarette equipment on the market at the moment that we wanted to give a special mention to one that has really changed the game, and advanced the technology in the past 12 months. Aspire with their new innovative atomizer head designs have made it possible to achieve flavour from replacement coil tanks that previously has only been found in re-buildable dripping atomizers, and they didn’t stop there.

Since launching the Aspire range, including the Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC, Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer and the Aspire ET-S BDC, which utilise dual coil atomizer heads, Aspire have released another series of tanks that have widely become known as the most flavourful replacement coil tank systems. The Nautilus series really is the next step in vaping, with large capacity glass tanks and unique atomizer designs that provide clouds of vapour and a serious flavour punch that is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

The Nautilus range has just been elevated to an even higher level with the launch of the Aspire Mini Nautilus tank. The Aspire Mini Nautilus comes with a complete new atomiser head design that has not been seen in any replacement coil system before. Aspire have introduced the BVC or Bottom Vertical Coil atomizer head which can be used in both nautilus tanks. This atomizer differs greatly to the type of systems we are used to seeing.

Typically, all atomizer heads up to this point have worked in the same manor, using a single coil or two coils side by side to provide a dual coil which is then mounted horizontally in the atomizer head using a silica wick inside the coil to extend out to the e-liquid. In the original Aspire range and the Nautilus atomizer heads this was changed so that the silica wicks did not leave the atomizer head and were fed e-liquid directly buy a cotton like sleeve that surrounded the coils and were fed by holes in the replacement coil itself. The Aspire BVC takes this up another lever by mounting the single coil vertically in the atomizer head and completely surrounding this with the filler material that was previously just a sleeve in the old design. This feeds e-liquid to the entire outside of the coil which provides a thicker, denser vapour and the airflow is directed to pass straight through the coil meaning that the air path picks up every bit of vapour possible to provide the user with rich, flavourful clouds of vapour.

As well as a great flavour and vapour there are many other advantages to the new BVC head for the Aspire Nautilus range over the older design. As the atomizer head is a single coil they provide a quicker heating time than the dual coil atomizer heads. This means that you get to the optimum vaporising temperatures faster. The coils also tend to get fewer dry hits as they are completely surrounded by e-liquid, which means less atomizer heads will be wasted due to burning the wicking material. Another benefit to the BVC coils is that although they provide the most dense vapour and flavourful vape to date, the resistance of the single coil is higher than its dual coil equivalent. This means that your batteries will last longer than on the Aspire 1.5ohm dual coil heads. Also less e-liquid is used and atomizer heads take longer to burn out giving you better value for money.

We believe the Aspire Nautilus range to be the best on the market at the moment and the introduction of the new bottom vertical coil head is one of the most innovative and important steps the replacement coil tank series has ever taken. We are sure many manufacturers will soon be replicating this innovation and introducing it in to their products.

Have you tried the Aspire Nautilus range yet? We would love to hear your thoughts on it. As always feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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