Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers Review

Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers Review

Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers

Here at Smokshop we always try to outdo ourselves when it comes to bringing new exciting products to our store. Aspire are a fantastic brand, and we already stock most of their products and today we are looking at the Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers.

The Aspire Nautilas replacement atomizers BVC and BDC are single and dual coil atomizers that are uniquely designed to work with the Aspire Nautilas. Both coils, BVC and BDC (which are abbreviations for Bottom Vertical Single Coil and Bottom Dual Coil respectively) have a new design which allows extra air to flow through the tank. This you can already get from the airflow control system you get from the Aspire Nautilus, although the extra flow of air you get from the new atomizers is just amazing.

The fact that it has an adjustable airflow is a fantastic bonus and the many favourable reviews we have heard from our customers seem to share our sentiments on this. It retains the same vapour production and great flavour that we have all grown accustomed to from the Aspire range of products. They are well priced and are very easy to replace. You don’t need any extra knowledge to use these tanks, you just plug them in and enjoy your vape.

One important thing to note is that these atomizers aren’t compatible with other clearomizers from the Aspire range, except the Nautilus. They are durable and hard wearing and are superb for heavy vapers. As a buyer you have to be very careful on what you buy online, as there are many inferior products out there that can have you complaining of a burnt taste and fast replacements. You must insist on coil quality to enjoy longer usage durations, and all Aspire products are of the very highest quality.

Another point to bear in mind is that the type of e liquid you use can play a large role in how long the coils in your tank last. Liquids that are heavily coloured can make coils wear out quicker. High voltage also impacts the lifetime of the coil.

The replacement coils have a resistance of either 1.6 ohm or 1.8 ohm, so you must choose which voltage you prefer, if you are using a variable voltage e cigarette.


All things considered, if you are looking for a replacement atomizer then the Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers are great value for money and very well made. We have them on our store from £2.25 (whilst stocks last) and for the amount of vaping you will get from the tank, at this price it really is a bargain.

As always, if you have any feedback or comments about the Aspire Nautilas Replacement Atomizers then we would love to hear them. Just drop us a line in the box below.

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