7 Best Menthol Flavoured E Liquids – What’s Yours?

7 Best Menthol Flavoured E Liquids – What’s Yours?

Menthol e liquid

Menthol flavoured e liquids are massively popular and some of the biggest sellers on our website.  A lot of smokers have switched to menthol as they prefer its cleaner, fresher taste than the standard tobacco flavour you get from cigarettes. This preference seems to have carried over to vaping and menthol e liquids offer a fresh, tingling sensation you don’t find with other flavours.

It could just be the taste that makes menthol so popular, but it also provides another, very useful function.

Many vapers use menthol between vapes if they’re suffering from what is known as ‘vapers tongue’. This can happen if you’re vaping a lot of one particular flavour and your taste buds get almost immune to the taste.

You might notice that the flavour of your favourite e liquid seems to have less of an impact the more you vape?

If so then a few days of vaping menthol will clear this up, and when you switch back you’ll notice a distinct improvement in how you taste other juices. The medicinal properties of menthol have a way of cleansing the palate and if you haven’t tried it yet it’s highly recommended, even if it’s just for a between vape e liquid.

Having said that, which is the best menthol e liquid to try? There are many around and most brands have a menthol flavour among their range. We’ve provided what we consider to be 7 of the best. This is just personal opinion and if you know of any that aren’t mentioned we would love to hear your thoughts.

Hangsen Menthol

Hangsen is a great stalwart of the e liquid world and offer a huge range of different flavours. They have quite a few different menthols to choose from, but we’ve opted for their standard Menthol flavour. It is not the strongest you’ll find but is full of pure, cool menthol that is ideal for cleansing the palate. It has a hint of sweetness but the main focus is on the cool, no nonsense menthol that comes through with the vape, and this is recommended if you want straight, pure menthol e liquid to use between vapes.

Nova Arctic Mint

Nova are a French company known for their natural ingredients and ‘no fuss’ flavours. They provide a flavour called Arctic Mint, which has a great throat hit and is a very nice, cool menthol flavour. If you have a cold then a few hits of this will clear your sinuses up in no time. It has great vapour production and makes for a very good quality menthol flavoured e liquid.

General Juices Major Menthol

General’s Juices have been making a name for themselves for their high quality premium based e liquids. Their Major Menthol flavour is no exception, with a fantastic vapour production and full, rich menthol flavour. If you want something a little more high-end, then this is definitely worth a try.

Nictel Menthol

 If you’re looking for something cheaper, then Nictels Menthol is the one to go for. It’s not as full bodied as other premium e liquids but hits the spot for a cheap hit of menthol. It has lots of menthol flavour and if you’re looking for something between vapes on a budget, then this might just be the one for you.

Vampire Vape Menthol Ice

Vampire Vape Menthol Ice

 Vampire Vape are a British company that have many followers in the UK. Their Menthol Ice has a good throat hit, great vapour production and very nice all round flavour. The taste on this flavour seems to stay with you for ages and the fresh crisp overtones provide a great kick of iced menthol.

T-Juice Mentice

This offering by T-Juice is an 80pg /20vg blend, so is a little low on vapour production. Having said that it does provide a pretty decent cloud, considering the 20vg, and is better that some liquids using this blend. It’s a straight up menthol flavour with not a lot of the sweet mint you’ll find in other juices. You can feel the cool breeze as you vape, and it’s great for cleansing the palate. Not much flavour apart from the menthol, but a great throat hit and a decent offering for a menthol e liquid.

Element V Frost

Element are a great brand hailing from California and their V Frost flavour is no exception. It produces great clouds with a good strong flavour and a sweet minty taste. This juice has a massive throat hit due to the menthol flavour and the quality of the blend. It has a nice, sweet taste that stays with you after the vape, and is a great offering for a premium menthol juice.

As mentioned at the top of the page, there are lots of different menthol flavours offered by a multitude of brands. I’m sure there are quite a few that hasn’t been mentioned here and we would love your input and suggestions as to what you think makes a great menthol e liquid.

Do you know of any menthol flavours that are worth a mention? Drop us a line in the box below.

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