10 Best Dessert Flavoured E Liquids

10 Best Dessert Flavoured E Liquids

Dessert flavoured e liquid

Have you got a sweet tooth? Dessert flavoured e liquids have taken off massively over the last few years and there are hundreds of different flavours to try. E liquid mixologists in their labs have been testing out a plethora of different flavours aimed at replicating the taste of our favourite desserts. It’s become a science how an e liquid can taste like a Key Lime Pie, or a Strawberry Cheesecake, and to give them these mixologists their due, in many instances they’ve pulled it off.

Today we’re looking at our favourite 10 dessert style flavours. Of course there’s so many to choose from and taste is subjective, but we’ve tried to whittle it down to the flavours we prefer here at Smokshop. Of course we would love to hear your opinions, and if there are any flavours that you love, that we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Generals Juices Lemon Sentry

This is a lemon drizzle cake flavoured e liquid by General’s Juices. It’s a really nice lemony taste and the after-taste really does taste like frosty icing. They’ve hit the nail on the head with this flavour and if you like lemon drizzle cake then you will love this. It’s not too sickly, so great for all day vaping, and provides excellent vapour production. This is one of our favourite dessert flavours, so if you haven’t tried it yet you should definitely give it a whirl.

BoOom Juice Strawberry Delight

This is a rich strawberry cheesecake flavour that BoOom Juice have really nailed on the head. It has a great cloud production and provides a very nice, smooth vape. The strawberry comes through as a creamy overtone on top of an ice cream flavour, and is a really nice flavour. On the exhale you can taste the cream and the texture is excellent. The cheesecake isn’t too prominent, and cheesecake is a flavour that’s proven especially difficult to replicate. This tastes more of a strawberry ice cream than a cheesecake, but is a fantastic dessert flavoured juice.

Vampire Vape Banoffee Pie

The banana really comes through on the exhale with this. You can also taste toffee and it all blends to a nice, sweet tasting vape. Vampire Vape have been producing lots of great flavours and their Banoffee Pie is no exception. Not a complete replica of banoffee pie, but still a nice vape that’s worth a try.

Colonel Boom’s By Jove

This is rhubarb and double cream with a hint a vanilla. It’s a subtle almost menthol vape with well blended flavours of rhubarb and cream. It produces great clouds and is full of flavour. The rhubarb and vanilla mix very well to give you a nice dessert flavoured taste. This makes for a really nice all-day vape.

T-Juice Jack the Ripple

Jack the Ripple is a classic take on the raspberry ripple ice cream. It’s very creamy and has a deep flavour with a hint of raspberry. The raspberry isn’t overpowering by any means, and the vanilla ice cream backs it up very nicely. It has an excellent vapour production and a smooth, sweet taste. It’s very faithful to the original raspberry ripple ice cream that we all know and love.

Mrs B’s Creme Brulee

Mrs B specialise in traditional flavours and their Crème Brulee is one of the best we’ve tasted. It has a 50/50 mix with a very nice flavour. It’s not overly sweet and you can really taste the vanilla and caramel blend. It’s an excellent well balanced vape with a good crème brulee flavour. Not over powering so good for an all-day vape.

Khali Valley Girl

Valley Girl is a smooth raspberry inhale with a delicious caramel cream pie finish. It offers a very nice, full bodied flavour. It has a 70/30 mix so the vape is smooth with a great vapour production. You can really taste the custard and the hint of raspberries make this a very nice, sweet dessert flavour.

Kings Crown Bound By The Crown

Bound By The Crown is traditional fruit flavours balanced with sweet custard, spice, and ripened stone fruits. It’s got a great throat hit, is full of flavour and makes for a fantastic dessert e liquid. It’s tasty sweet vape for those with a sweet tooth, and the custard has a slight hint of banana that tops it off nicely. Great vapour production, you can taste the fruit coming through which blends with the custard, making this a very nice dessert flavoured vape.

Chapter XII Hemingway

Hemingway is fresh strawberries with Bavarian cream and vanilla custard. It’s got fantastic vapour production and a rich, full flavour. The Bavarian cream comes through amazingly well and the hint of strawberry makes this a very nice vape indeed.

BoOom Juice Florida Keys

Florida keys


Florida Keys is a key lime pie vape with a hint of pastry and a lime kick. It has great vapour production as all BoOom juices have. It has almost a custard flavour with a hint of lime on the exhale. It has a nice throat hit and is faithful to a key lime pie. Very subtle and not over powering. The high VG ratio makes the flavour less powerful than other vapes, but all in all is a very nice dessert flavour.

We love all of these flavours mentioned, but there are so many to choose from we’ve probably only scratched the surface. Have you tried any of these flavours? What are your thoughts? Are there any we’ve missed?

Let us know in the comments below.

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