Free E Liquid - The SmokShop E Juice Giveaway

Free E Liquid - The SmokShop E Juice Giveaway

December's Winner Announced!!

Congratulations to Daniel Constable our December winner, please check your email and thanks to every one else who entered. Good luck in the next one.

Winning comment:

"My favourite e liquid right now is Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. The reason I love this flavour is because it was one of the very first flavours I started vaping and was immediately blown away by the complexness of it all. The blueberry taste on the inhale, the menthol ice tingle on the exhale. Let’s not forget the smell of this masterpiece…blueberry iciness all wrapped together to blow your socks off."

SmokShop's FREE E-Liquid Giveaway!

Yes, you may not believe it but it's true. Here at SmokShop, we're holding an e liquid giveaway. We love our customers so much we've decided to dedicate a page solely to giving away free e liquid. 

All you need to do to get your free bottle of e juice is add a comment in the box below stating your favourite e liquid and why, and we will randomly select a name every month and send out a free bottle of e juice.

For example: "My favourite e liquid is Minty Gum by our very own SmokShop. I love this flavour so much because it's refreshing, it tingles the tongue, it cleanses the palette, it's remarkably cheap for such a amazingly high quality juice."

If your comment is particularly well written, we may give out a bonus prize. For example, if we're really impressed with your writing skills we may offer you a free high powered mod, an e cig kit or a selection of tanks.

We may even offer you a writing slot at where you get products for free in exchange for reviews.

E liquid special offers

By The Way Have You Seen Our Latest E Liquid Special Offers?

We always have e liquid and e cigarette products reduced, so if you haven't seen them already click on through to our special offers page and snag yourself a bargain!

This month we have crazy reductions on Daily juices, reduced from £4.99 to just £1.99. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let us know your favourite e-juice below, sit back and see if you win!

The winner will be selected on the 1st of every month and you will be contacted for your preferred delivery address. Good luck! You need to be over 18 to enter and will automatically be added to our mailing list where we frequently give away discounts and announce winners. All standard data protection laws apply

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  • Strawberry fields

    Francis Walsh on

  • My favourite liquid at the moment is love bite by six licks, it’s full of sweet, tangy flavour that hits as soon as you inhale, with just the right amount of cool kick to make it refreshing, perfect vape for first thing in the morning to wake you up and get set for the day ahead.

    TJ Whiting on

  • gold and silver

    griff on

  • Hello! My favourite vapesickle juice is the smokshop banana ! Because…

    Vape banana till the morning come
    Steep times done and me wanna take home
    Come mister tally man tally me Banana.
    Day light come and me wanna take home.

    Its so good its got me doing the beetlejuice dance !

    Lee Ferguson on

  • my favourite juice at the moment is smurf cake (blueberry cheesecake) by VAPE WILD.
    I like trying new flavours as I find them so lets bring it on

    david halsey on

  • My favourite e liquid right now is Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. The reason I love this flavour is because it was one of the very first flavours I started vaping and was immediately blown away by the complexness of it all. The blueberry taste on the inhale, the menthol ice tingle on the exhale. Let’s not forget the smell of this masterpiece…blueberry icyness all wrapped together to blow your socks off.

    Daniel Constable on

  • “My favourite e liquid is Razberi Froot by our very own SmokShop. I love this flavour so much because it’s refreshing, it tingles the tongue, it cleanses the palette, it’s remarkably cheap for such a amazingly high quality juice.” xD

    JM on

  • Hey pls let me win

    Jack on

  • My favourite e liquid is watermelon rush by vaping bad. I love this flavour so much because it’s refreshing, it tingles the tongue, it cleanses the palette, it’s remarkably cheap for such a amazingly high quality juice.

    Sacha Williams on

  • I like vamping with a good juices from smoke

    Pete hogben on

  • has the best e-liquids around, I would recommend smok-shop to every one

    Ryan Noble on

  • Extremely well presented site with an exceptional range of products catering for all tastes. The smoke shop range in particular the Ry4, Aniseed, Cherry to mention just some. Prompt service well packaged.. a definitive place for all vaping requirements. 5*

    John Gillispie on

  • I wouldn’t mind any vape liquid but my favourite is the vanilla custard liquid

    Irfan Torabally on

  • I have had lots of ecigs an other stuff from the smok shop decent prices an speedy delivery an also like the way you get your certificate of authencity its a fab site 2 use nice and easy an if any probs quick responce i.e (email ) fab products 11/8from me

    Zakia Mohannad on

  • The king’s custard, you must try this one !, going to be an all time great !!!!

    Jon Reader on

  • My favourite liquid is Heisenberg by Vampire Vape. The most delicious and fragrant of all the menthol varieties I have ever tried. Every so often I stray in the hope of finding something cheaper, better, just as smooth. Each time I’ve come back to Heisenberg knowing that it truly is the superior menthol.

    Josh Boaler on

  • I love to mix various flavours together to get an interesting taste – I use British Tobacco, grape, cherry, watermelon and coconut. I’ve tried other brands, but Smokshop is by far and away the best – the prices are great, and the delivery is fast. Thanks, Smokshop – keep it up :-)

    Fiona on

  • My favourite is any of the candy corner as it 80%vg and doesnt hurt my throat like the 50 50 % ☺

    Amber fairley on

  • Hi my fav is virginia

    Charles on

  • Black by lemonade nation,
    This is one of my go to all day vape juices, strong powerful blackcurrent flavour, smooth tingling lemonade undertones. Trust me when I say this is a very strong flavour addictive e liquid you will keep coming back, for more day in day out you won’t get bored! Did I mention the the sweet sugar lip you get ! 10/10 for this e liquid.

    Ryan cooper on

  • I smoked 30 to 40 cigs a day up to 3years ago. I then went on to RY4

    Edward Chiddy on

  • l always use the smokshop for my vapours they are so quick in sending the items out to us

    Thomas Collett on

  • I can across SmokShop a few years back now and can honestly say their customer service is second to none. Their menthol juice is amazing

    Michelle on

  • I have had lots of ecigs an other stuff from the smok shop decent prices an speedy delivery an also like the way you get your certificate of authencity its a fab site 2 use nice and easy an if any probs quick responce i.e (email ) fab products 10/10 from me

    Heather Hughes on

  • A vanilla custard would be my fav I have tried many one of the best is from just vaping

    Tracie NORMAN on

  • Myself and partner love smok shops tobacco e liquid has it tastes good and carnt find it anywhere else ?

    Diane Williams on

  • To be honest, I have two favourite E-Liquids. Blue Cola and Arctic Mint! They were the first I ever used and the best I’ve ever found since. Although I use so many different flavours, those two flavours are incredibly nostalgic to me. Smokshop make the best liquids by far!

    Mollie on

  • How are you all today

    David Bone on

  • My favourite e juice is Pinkman by Vampire Vape! I have the 18mg and been vaping it for over 3 months.

    Chris J on

  • My favourite juice I.S smok shop menthol! Been using it for about over a year now , it’s the perfect amount of menthol and it’s delicious ?

    Catherine Valcsak on

  • Loved the rolling tobacco when it was available, but that’s been gone for a while now. I’m now hooked on RY4, Gold and Silver, and Cherry. I’ve been using Smokshop for almost 3 years now since kicking the analogs, and you guys are fantastic.I’ve not been tempted back to the evil weed and always leave the order to the last minute. Never been let down on delivery times so I never actually run out of juice completely.

    Andrew on

  • My constant juice is Smokshop menthol. The best menthol I have tried. Been vaping a few years now so have tried many!!!!
    I like to add a few drops of a flavoured juice for variety. Usually blueberry, mint or strawberry. Just discovered Smokeshop pineapple. A strong fresh flavour. Very nice. Always use Smokshop brand. Good flavours, good mix and excellent price.

    Tracy on

  • I love Smokshops own BlackCherry flavour. I se it on its own or add it to any tobacco flavour to soften or add some addtional interest to my vape. Im always discovering new flavours here but the BlackCherry is always in the mix :)

    M Hodge on

  • Vampire Vape pinkman my favourite all the way! Awesome e-liquid!

    Mark on

  • My fav is peach flavoured juice, it’s the nicest I’ve tried so far.

    Marc Knell on

  • fanta ice would be my favourite

    anisa on

  • My all time fav vape is American tobacco or Traditional tobacco by Liqua mixed half an half with Heisenberg from Vampire vapes. I started this combo 3 and a half years ago at 12mg and I have reduced that down to Zero nic for the past 2 and a half years. I’v been a non smoker for nearly four and a half years now and my very first vape was 24mg Tobacco by Dekang, my sister bought it for me with a cheap £10 non adjustable pen stick and through away wicked atomiser, I loved it and I have not looked back since. I do try other flavours but always come back to my fav. I also now make my own vape using the Heisenberg concentrate from Vampire vape. I cannot do the Liqua Tabacco my self as this brand cannot seem to be replicated, oh well. Keep Calm and Vape On :}

    Deby on

  • My fave is cherry cigar and blueberry
    On 0.6 strength

    Paul on

  • Where do I start? My all-time favourite has to be RY2, followed closely by CCPB (delicious), then Hazlenut Cofee and Coconut. Sadly, all four of these flavours have been discontinued :( I have since been trying various other flavours and, so far, Raspberry seems to be the preferred option. I’ve tried RY4 in the past (thinking it may be similar to RY2), but that was far too sweet and sickly for me. Thanks to SmokShop, I have been ciggie-free for over three years now, and if RY2 and CCPB were to ever make a comeback, I’d be well chuffed! Or maybe even a new Peanut Butter flavour…………

    Sharon Laurie on

  • Vampire Vape for me, works perfectly in my Nebox or Protank when on the road. Favourites being Dawn then Heisenberg, undescribable flavours, but nothing comes close, Berry Menthol too if you’re trying to get of real cigarettes ;-)

    David on

  • My fav is watermelon been purchasing here for more then 5 years as it this site helped me stop smoking

    Abz on

  • After trying an extensive range of e-liquids, mods and tanks i have finally found a set-up which is perfect for my needs. My flavour of choice is by the brand Fantasi, they have a few flavours to offer all of which taste delightful but one in particular stands out the most. Good ol’ Lemonade! This for me is the perfect e-liquid with the perfect amount of citrus sweetness at the start of the inhale with a subtle hint of menthol on the exhale. They also sell their standard line of flavours with extra Menthol. This sounds like a simple flavour but is one that i can vape on constantly and not get bored. Whilst trying flavours in various tanks/coils i have found that liquids can vary a lot in taste and can even burn some coils out quicker than others. I vape using the Cleito 0.4ohm coil with bubble tank. i find the bigger coil size and greater amount of cotton stop the flavour from burning quickly and ruining you coil. AL85 Smok tank which is the perfect power output for my Cleito tank. I also vape at 50W with this e-liquid as i find it brings out the most flavour.

    Thomas Standen on

  • My favourite e-liquid is Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice. With fruity flavours being my preferable choice of liquid, the Blackcurrant flavouring with a hint of Lemonade in the background is a great cleanser for the pallet. Especially when smoked through Smok’s AL85 kit. This kit contains the Baby Beast tank using 0.4ohm Coil which produces a great amount of smoke with the perfect flavour. Perfect for vaping my Wicked Haze Juice.

    Mathew on

  • I’ve been purchasing from here ever since I quit smoking over 3 years so. Having tried many different flavours from different vendors, I always come back to ENERGY COW 6mg from Smok shop! It tastes great, much like a Red Bull, and is my signature aroma when vaping! I order in bulk and have always received them extremely promptly with no hassle online ordering! Please don’t ever discontinue it, I’ll be devastated!

    Zorica Quinn on

  • I absolutely love cigar flavour, very thought provoking

    Stewart Muir on

  • I have tried lots of brands of juice
    My preferred maker
    It really tastes like a real cigarette
    I smoke menthol 6mg

    Phil jennings on

  • when chasing flavours, there’s nothing better than trying new and exciting juices from the sweet taste of a rhubarb and custard to an exciting blast of frosty shake, with its distinctive strawberry milkshakeyness! amazing taste from my Wistec rx2/3 with aspire cleito 120 tank. with so many flavours to try out, it’s very hard to have a preferred favourite flavour because every flavour has it’s own taste values that come out with the quality of mod. (willing to try new mods and thanks and review!!!) but if I was to pinpoint a single flavour it would have to be candy king sour worms with its gummy fruit flavour with an undertone of super sourness. always a great cloud with its 70/30 mix. love it!

    Matt willmott on

  • Black jack all the way reminds me of when i was a kid

    Kirk Ball on

  • would not buy anywhere else quality liquid outstanding service

    lee on

  • Well I know it’s an old flavour but the winner for me has to be vampire vapes Heisenberg that fruity menthol blast keeps me craving more and more after every hit

    Andy on

  • My favourite eliquid is the British tobacco and pineapple. I like to mix a bit of pineapple in with the tobacco for a great flavour. Always fantastic service from you and super fast delivery. Well done Smokshop.

    Shaz on

  • My favourite e-liquid is USA mix by smokshop! You can’t find a more realistic cigarette taste than this. It is that good that I have completely stopped smoking altogether, I haven’t touched a cigarette since vaping USA mix. Definitely a winner for me! The flavours are amazing and excellent quality and of course the service with smokshop is second to none!

    Kelly on

  • I have been using the nicotine flavour for three years and find this product very satisfying .

    Heather White on

  • My favourite is Smokshop’s very own Black Currant, it’s sharp but sweet taste is just like eating the real thing having said that the Water Melon is to die for too……too much vaping loveliness!! X

    Debbie Hutchings on

  • Menthol for me it’s a Breeze!

    chris on

  • unlike a lot of flavours….I love the Water Malone….because it tastes simply of Water Melon….

    Ray H on

  • After vaping the same liquid pal mall from smok shop for the last 4 years, I was devastated it was discontinued and would love to try a new variety.

    Eve on

  • My all time super duper e-liquid is Aniseed! It reminds me off the aniseed balls that my toothless grandad used to constantly suck when I was a wee nipper ha! I love distinctive, smooth taste!

    Stephanie on

  • My favourite E-Liquid is Hangsen Mint 6mg. Nice sweet mint taste with a decent throat hit!

    Mitch on

  • My fella loves Applelicious by Vampire Vapes, in fact it’s the only thing that encourages him to vape & leave the ciggies alone!

    katerina on

  • Free juice always good especially when I’m bored with whatever I have here . Need something new and interesting possibly mentholated

    Joe on

  • Love red cherry, it’s not overpowering but still so nice to the taste ?

    Julie on

  • Smokshop’s Bubblegum is nice, especially if you are craving something sweet….but don’t want the extra calories. Also like SmokShop’s hula hula tastes like a cockatil on Miami South beach.

    KarlaLouise wilkinson on

  • I love the smok shop light fantastic its a blueberry liquid and my other favourite is vamp vape hisenburg other blueberry menthol.

    Justin Clark on

  • What’s my favourite flavour? Please tell me! I have been vaping for a few years and it has been an endless, joyous journey into the world of dragon impersonation and flavours only madmen could come up with. I’m sure everyone can remember the first time you puffed on something like cola cubez and suddenly your taste buds erupt and you almost expect the ice from the nonexistent cola glass to hit your teeth! Amazing!
    This is my point every day someone creates an even more awesome flavour and I want to try it. Don’t get stuck on one flavour. Try them all (within reason, the carrot flavour my friend made tasted like sick) and quite literally vape the rainbow! I will be selfishly watching this comment board to see what people are vaping and get inspiration for my next vape. Big Bear out x

    Big Bear on

  • I love Heisenberg by Vampire Vape as it’s the only one that doesn’t smell like smelly feet.

    Sion Davies-Cale on

  • I’m always a big big fan of Vampire Vape – pinkman. I only like fruity flavours.. and if your fruity.. pinkman is the one to always have a supply of! I like trying all kinds of flavours but you’ll always do right by pinkman!

    Josh on

  • Smokshop Hangsen Peach, Blueberry or vampire vape pear drops would be mine. All great quality liquids

    Stuart on

  • I love the Smokshop 12mg Light Fantastic! An excellent balance between menthol and blueberry, the smooth vape you get from this liquid is perfect. It’s much better quality than some e liquids out there that are twice the price!

    Jack on

  • favourite is fantasi grape ice :)

    hazel loughran on

  • My favourite flavour is Menthol my old faithful.

    Lesley Cousins on

  • I have used the smokshop 6mg brirish tabacco for years and can never find one that is as nice.

    christine on

  • I just love your tobacco flavour & Blackjack they are the ones that rattle my tastebuds

    James Ogilvie on

  • Has to be cherry cola. Tastes exactly the same. Could go as far as to say they taste similar to cola cubes totally delicious

    Lee on

  • Forget about these fancy flavours. Tobacco wins every time!

    geoff gales on

  • My favourite is Heisenberg, it’s so refreshing with a menthol hit! Reminds me of Pernod! Those were the days!

    Sian on

  • I love SmokShop’s vanilla, keep trying other flavours but just find myself going back to this

    Alex on

  • Absolutely love the blackjack flavour. Heaven in a bottle!

    Michelle on

  • Raspberry Froot, thats the one for me,
    Love the look, love the flavour,
    Use it in the morning, just after my cup a tea,
    Only problem is, it leaves me wanting more.

    nosscar on

  • So many flavours so little time there all good

    RMP on

  • Excellent RY4 really smooth

    James Roe on

  • I used to smoke Golden Virginia rollups and tried several eliquids to fill the void. I get bored very quickly of the fruity ones. Many tobacco eliquids were too sweet or too nutty, but when I found the Hangsen (or own brand) “virginian tobacco” eliquid it solved all my problems. It’s very mild and the vape doesn’t leave much smell whatsoever, which is perfect. It’s not exactly like my old tobacco but I think it’s because you don’t get the taste of tar. It’s a clean taste. I highly recommend, especially for lovers of Golden Virginia.

    Lee on

  • My favourite liquid is menthol by smok shop because it’s a totally different menthol taste to any other liquid and the price is amazing.

    Karen on

  • Love the aniseed. Keep trying others but always end up back with it

    Helen on

  • strawberry i like strawberry. (haribo advert)

    owen on

  • Love the Hangsen Juices, they offer good value for money and a great taste I have been a loyal customer here for a while now. Silver and gold has to be the best in my opinion it was british tobacco before but either the mix had been altered or my taste did. Smokshop have a great service and really quick delivery usually in my hand on the second working day. Thanks

    Tim Jolly on

  • Cherry cigar was my favourite but you don’t seem.yo do it anymore. I now enjoy the rhubarb and custard. All e liquids I purchase off smokshop seem far better quality than any other I have tried from any where else. Good price to. Thank you


  • My favourite flavour is watermelon, because it reminds me a chewing gum I used to love as a kid and also watermelon vodka I tasted in San Marino and fell in love with it. And now I can have the taste on my tongue anytime, thanks to SmokShop! :)

    Jan Skoda on

  • i love blueberry e-juice it tastes amazing better than some other shops its a taste i’ll never get bored of. I’ve yet to try it in my sub-ohm unit but in my little rig its spot on :D

    Mark on

  • i would love to try a different flavour but never do always tobacco ones, Its my birthday on the 30th and would like to try a flavour at no risk if I like it or hate it

    Ryan Noble on

  • Been purchasing from this site for two years now. Tried loads of others but this is the best by far menthol is my choice.

    Alan coleby on

  • My favourite e-liquid is British tobacco as it certainly tastes like real cigarettes, without the smell! The price is great too!

    Maria on

  • I love Dinner ladies lemon tart. It’s got a sweet creamy Meringue taste with a hint of lemon.
    When I vape it I have a mouthgasm!?

    Nikki on

  • Been purchasing from this site for two years now. Tried loads of others but this is the best by far.

    Alan coleby on

  • My favourite juice is Gold & Silver. I prefer this as it is more towards smoking a regular cigarette. My wife also vapes and her fav is Menthol.

    Isn’t this part of what makes the world go round in that we all have our individual likes and dislikes also we have the right of choice in a free society.

    Barry Norman on

  • I haven’t had a cigarette for 4 years in January, thanks to Smokshops great service and massive choice I will never smoke a cigarette again.

    Jayne on

  • Rather than a particular favorite juice, I am thoroughly taken with the ‘Milkman’ series. For starters that they are of high VG (99%), certainly appeals to me. But while each individual juice permeates with its hallmark of sumptuous creaminess on the inhale, the extra tones on the exhale ranging from fruity cake all the way through traditional vanilla to a most sublime lemon pudding (depending which juice), will always make Milkman top of the range and ahead of the competition every time.

    Niall on

  • Nictel Pear Drops is my absolute favourite!

    Angie on

  • Blackjack for me, it really does tickle my teacake.

    Giles on

  • watermelon bubblegum would be my favourite sounds amazing

    anisa on

  • I love the smoke shop menthol flavour! It took me 6 months of trial an error ordering from other stores, but when you find a blend that you like, plus the great postal service… well you can’t go wrong… many thanks smok shop for your great service!!!

    Jigynesh patel on

  • My favourite is Sweet Menthol 18 mg. Good taste, good price.

    Wendy on

  • Hula hula is one of my favourite flavours because it is refreshing.

    Tanya Diggins on

  • Element Pink Lemonade is my all time favourite eliquid! The sweet tang is even better than real pink lemonade. There is no contest when it comes to this eliquid

    Alex McDowall on

  • Simple man with simple taste, always come back to Smokshop Menthol. Its so well balanced, no frills and £2.50 a bottle! I also put in a regular £50 order for my sons Football coach (he doesn’t use the internet, bless him) He too has not yet found a better everyday menthol

    John Roberts on

  • my favourite WAS coconut by SMOK Shop but I can’t buy it anymore.It was delicious and was always putting me into nice day dreaming mood:-) come back please!!!

    Marcin on

  • Smokshop RY4 is the flavour for me, totally dependable taste every time, I have tried others since I gave up cigarettes 5 years ago. Smokshops service is as good as its flavours, accurate repetition and speedy delivery
    of my RY4 always.

    Chris on

  • I really like the bubblegum flavour

    Bradley Springett on

  • i like t juice uk smokes but find it difficult to purchase

    kay on

  • My fav Strawberry Flavored -great smooth flavor. On the inhale you get the strawberry and on the exhale you get a smooth, creamy, milky taste that’s similar to the taste of gummy milk bottles, without any sickly artificial sugary taste (something I really appreciate) the taste was so much better than any liquid

    Girish on

  • As a new user of the vapes, I’m still on 12mg I tried strawberry milkshake I totally loved it, defiantly a new favourite of mine ??

    Lauren on

  • My favourite flavour hat be Nasty Juice – Devil Teeth. Oh my god, once that honeydew hits the back of your tongue it’s got you in its grasp. Love it

    Colin Bell on

  • I love the niktel 6mg blackjack flavour

    Kerry sanders on

  • I love blackjack!

    Jade Brookes on

  • My favourite juice is Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady. This is the only one I have gone back to time and time again. The lemon is not to sour and has a lovely after taste.

    Nathan Betts on

  • My favourite is the SmokShop Ice Mint, its just so refreshing and a great value price.

    Alan on

  • My favourite flavour is menthol a lovely taste good. Vape

    Anthony levey on

  • I’ll be interested in your free giveaway E-liquid just like everyone else.
    but it sounds to good to be true Must be a catch?

    Karl Brown on

  • i love bubble gum tobacco watermelon really i love all flavour

    jason on

  • I love the watermelon bubble gum I think it tastes amazing, when I first tried it I almost thought about chewing Hut then remembered this isn’t actually chewing gum absolutely loved it thanks for fast delivery aswell.

    Harry on

  • My favourite e-liquids is Momo Drizzle Dream because its such a sweet yet refreshing flavour, an easy all day vape and at £17.99 for 60ml its a great price!

    Kyle on