What is in E-liquid? : E-Liquid is a combination of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine, Flavouring and in some cases colouring and sweeteners.
Is it addictive? : Nicotine is an addictive substance, so if you use E-liquid with nicotine in yes it is addictive.
What is the difference in strengths? : The different strengths are the percentage of nicotine contained in the E-Liquid, the higher the value the higher the nicotine.
How much e-liquid do I need to order? : This is very dependant on a few things, How many cigarettes did you smoke? What strength of E-Liquid are you using? How long do you want it to last before repurchasing more E-Liquid? That being said if you are a light vapour 10ml will get you through around one week. Medium vapour 20ml is a good average for a week. Heavy vapour can be up to and beyond 30ml a week.
Do E-Liquids taste like the flavours on the label? : In some cases yes, but in 99% of juices they are a close approximation of the flavour and some variance's may occur for example: perhaps slightly sweeter or bitter, or may not be as strong or stronger.



Are they as good as other Cig a-likes? : Gamucci are one of the market leaders and are recommended by a lot of people.
How long does this battery last? : It is very dependant on use, the more you use the quicker it will drain. If used like a cigarette it should last 1 day.
How long does each cartomizer last? : Unfortunately there is no set time with cartomizers and can last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks dependant on use.


How much nicotine does this contain? : E-Shisha contains Zero nicotine.
Can I refill the cartomizer with the juice you sell? : Yes, but each battery only contains a certain amount of life so try not to over fill as to save on juice.
How long does the battery last? : It is very dependant on use, the more you use the quicker it will drain. If used like a cigarette it could last for some time.
How long does the cartomizer last? : Unfortunately there is no set time with cartomizers and can last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks dependant on use.



What is the difference between Rebuild-able and Replace-able? : Rebuild-able – you build your own personal set-up using resistant wire and a wicking material. Replace-able – you buy a pre-built set-up at your desired resistance and just swap out the old for the new.
What is Ohm's? : Ohm is the unit of electrical resistance.
What is the best resistant coils? : This can vary from user to user depending on set-up and e-liquid you are using, this is something you have to work out for yourself.
What is the difference in resistances? : The lower the resistance the quicker the coil will heat providing a hotter coil resulting in a warmer vape
How long does the cartomizer last? : Unfortunately there is no set time with cartomizers, but our Smok cartomizer on average last up to 10 refills, or if used in a tank on average 20-30ml of e-liquid.
How do I know when to change the cartomizer? : There are a number of signals that indicate the cartomizer needs to be changed. The volume of vapour will decrease or some vapour will still be visible, but the flavour may start to taste slightly bitter. The air flow can also decrease making it hard to inhale the vapour.



What is Mah? : Mah is the unit of electric charge stored in the battery (Battery life).
How long should I charge the battery? : Batteries should charge until they are fully charged, charger will indicate when full.
How should I store my batteries? : Batteries should be stored in a case or battery box in a cool dark place.
Why is my eGo battery not charging? : Check that the threads of the battery and USB charger are clean. Fluff or a build-up of dirt on the threads will prevent a proper connection and may also damage battery cells. We advise that you regularly clean the battery thread by wiping it with a tissue.
What is a Li-Mn /Li-ion battery? : This just means its a lithium core battery used for high current batteries.
Can the Nitecore intellicharge charge ego batteries? : Unfortunately it can not charge ego batteries please use the recommended chargers for all batteries.



How much weight can the Lanyard hold?: The Smok EGO battery lanyard is capable of taking a 900Mah battery with full size tank (giant nova) attached.
Does the REDUX drip tip adapter take all 510 drip tips? : Yes, The REDUX adapter will take all 510 Drip Tips we sell however it is sometimes the case that the O rings on certain Drip Tips can be smaller/bigger than others therefore making it a looser/tighter fit.



The item I wish to buy is out of stock, how often do you get stock delivered? : We update all stock regularly, some stock takes longer to arrive depending on country of origin. If you wish to know when an item will be re-stocked please feel free to email us at: support@smokshop.com
Can I pre-order out of stock items? : Unfortunately at this time we can not take pre orders for items that are not in stock.
How do they work? : Electronic Cigarettes/ E-Cigs use an electronic current to heat a coil that surrounds a wicking material that will be saturated in e-liquid, as the current is applied the e-liquid will be vapourised for the user to inhale delivering nicotine and vapour.
Can I use them anywhere? : They can be used in all public places, but all private properties this includes shops, restaurants, planes, club and pubs etc can disallow the use of them, always ask when unsure.
What are electronic cigarettes? : E-cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarettes that provide you with nicotine so are still addictive, but in a lot of surveys are stated to be a healthier alternative. E-cigarettes can be used to help give up smoking completely or can be use as a permanent substitute to the traditional cigarette.
Are e-cigs safe? : Any substance containing nicotine is not 100% safe, numerous studies support that an overwhelming majority of tobacco related deaths are a result of the smoke produced and inhaled by users, not nicotine. In e-cigarettes there is no smoke produced the substance inhaled by the user is vapour which carries the nicotine, There is also no carcinogenic toxins like there is in a traditional tobacco cigarette or any of the thousands of different chemicals and ingredients.
Can e-cigs help me quit smoking? : Yes e-cigarettes have helped a great number of people stop smoking, but it is not a guarantee as you will still have to manually lower your nicotine strength until you are happy using zero nicotine and then you will no longer need the e-cigarette any more, but please note that Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and whilst many studies have shown their effectiveness with helping people to quit tobacco cigarettes, E-cigs can still be used as an alternative to it, with millions of people using them everyday for both purposes

Who shouldn’t use electronic cigarettes? : Anyone under 18 years old. Also, until you've seen a doctor about the safety of using e-cigarettes, avoid using e-cigarettes if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from any of the following : Heart disease, High blood pressure, A impaired immune system or An allergy to nicotine or products which are in the e-liquid.

E-Liquid Safety Although this may seem a little over protective, we do recommend the use of protective gloves & eye wear for your own safety whilst filling with Eliquid. Please insure that you are very careful with your E-Liquid as we can not be held responsible for any injury caused whilst not using the correct PPE.




How long does delivery take? : This is dependant on your postal service and can take from 1-5 days.
How much does delivery cost? : With Royal Mail we have a flat rate of £1.49 for postage no matter how much you spend. Small packages will be sent by Royal Mail 24. Most orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of purchase and a high percentage dispatched the same day. We also have the Royal Mail Tracked 48 option for £3.95 - Track your parcel online.
Do you deliver outside the UK? : Currently we do not deliver to anywhere other than the UK.