Age Verification

Why Do I Need to be Age Verified?

To comply with UK legislation e-cigarettes or e-liquids can only be purchased and dispatched to customers who are over the legal age of 18.

Online stores need to be able to verify the age of their customers before proceeding the sale, in order to be in accordance with this law.

At SmokShop we use AgeChecked age verification to meet these requirements which is an efficient and secure age verification process.

Who is Agechecked and How does it Verify Me?

Agechecked is a recognised Age Verification service based in the UK which keeps the consumers anonymity a priority, and throughout the entire process the system anonymises them – they never keep any personal data on their system, and once you have been checked the data is wiped.

With their online age verification service, they are able to verify you with a number of data sources to determine that you are of the legal required age.

It is important that you use the same name for both billing and delivery address as we will not be able to proceed with your order if the names do not match.

If you have any concerns about this process then please contact us on 020 8133 8129 for more details.