Introducing The Smoktech BEC Pro

Introducing The Smoktech BEC Pro

Smoktech BEC Pro

With the industry rapidly growing, better variable voltage and wattage regulated devices are hitting the mark each day, with this in mind Smoktech has struck back with their new stainless steel monster.

The new Smoktech BEC Pro is by far the most advanced and powerful piece of vaping equipment to date. With the capabilities of other powerful regulated devices usually restricted to a maximum 30 watt output in a box mod style case the BEC Pro really is different. This single 18650 powered tube mod is a more comfortable design to use and live with which also packs far more of a punch than other mods.

The BEC Pro is really quite amazing with the ability to run resistances from 0.3-3.0 ohms and push a regulated 12.0 volts or 50 watts. This really is the most powerful tube mod in existence. The BEC Pro also has the ability to act as an unregulated mechanical mod as well as a variable voltage and a variable wattage device effectively making this a three in one mod. This means that no matter what your preference in mod you have all of the options available within this one unique personal vapourizer.


BEC Pro Smart Phone App


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With the capabilities of this cool mod listed above it is hard to believe that there is more, but there is! The BEC Pro also has another unique ability, which is Bluetooth connectivity. This enables you to connect your BEC Pro to your smart phone or tablet using an app store approved app. The app allows you to see key information such as the amount of puffs that are taken each day, week, month or year, as well as the duration of each puff.

It will also display the power and voltage that is being applied to the atomizer as well as the resistance of the atomizer itself, but that’s not where it ends. This amazing app also allows you to completely adjust the settings of the BEC Pro instantly! You can switch between VV, VW and mechanical mode as well as completely control the power levels of each at the touch of a button.

There are also options within the app that allow you to save a pre set voltage or wattage mode. This means that you can go from running full power on your favourite dripping atomizer to a satisfying vape on your nautilus tank. You can set your preference without having to adjust the power options. Just simply tell the BEC Pro which one of your pre set options you would like to use and it automatically switches to that preference. Cool eh?

BEC Pro Versatility


With all of those abilities it is easy to overlook the other basic features contained in this awesome mod. Basic features include: 510/eGo threading, short circuit protection, PWM high frequency flat signal and a digital OLED screen. Also included within the basic setup is the ability to have interchangeable top caps to hide or expose the eGo threading, depending on the atomizer being used. This makes the BEC Pro great value for money and what we believe to be the best mod available today.

Smokshop are proud to present this new technology and you can find it in our store at the best price on the market. Try it out the BEC Pro for yourselves, we would love to hear your verdict. As always feel free to drop us a comment below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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