Kanger Tanks & Clearomizers

Kanger Tanks & Clearomizers

Welcome to SmokShop’s Kanger collection. Here you will find a great selection tanks and atomizers with 510/ego threads, bottom single coil and dual coil of which include the famous Mini Protank 3 with the v2 dual coils and the ever popular Evod single coil tank.

Kangertech Company

Kanger have become a mainstay brand on our website and it’s not surprising. Regardless of your vaping knowledge, you will have come across, or at least heard of KangerTech, simply because they’re one of the biggest brands in the E-Cigarette industry. KangerTech are responsible for giving us the Protank, Evod and Subtank range of clearomisers as well as a variety of other mods and starter kits.

KangerTech Origins

Based in Shenzhen, China, KangerTech have been popular e-cigarette distributors since 2007. Founded by Danny Zhu and Li Di Lin, by 2013 they had over 3,000 employees creating hundreds of thousands of vaping products every day.

KangerTech Company & Kanger Tanks

The first high-profile Kanger product was the Protank, released in 2013.

Kanger tanks have always held high-authority within the vape world for both their reliability and good value pricing.

Kangertech were one of the major companies that persuaded users to make the switch from cigalikes to tank systems. Kanger tanks are so popular in today’s market because of their robust build and reliability. Kanger stands out as one of the best creators of tanks because of their diverse range of tanks. At SmokShop, we have a variety of Kanger tanks and Kanger products. One of our most popular Kanger tanks is the Evod Clearomizer Tank which comes in a variety of colours and at £3.49 it’s one of the best value Kanger tanks on the market.

KangerTech for Beginners

KangerTech products are especially good for beginner vapers, as they’re both affordable and easy to use. While their intermediate products might still fall short of the ‘expert’ label, they have really nailed the beginner and mid-range demographic, which is vitally important and the largest part of the market by far.

The Kanger Evod is one of the most popular e cigarette starter kits of all time. It's perfect for anyone who is just starting out with vaping and it's a staple on the SmokShop store.

For all your KangerTech tanks, products and e-cigarette needs, SmokShop has it all. Browse the rest of our site to find more great e-cigarette brands and e-liquids.