Generals Juices

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Generals Juices

Generals Juices are another UK based e liquid company and are based in Sussex. They have a great range of flavours and if you've never tried them before you should definitely give them a whirl.

They have mainly fruity flavours and some are unique to their brand. The B Bomb for example is a blackcurrant menthol and very unique to Generals Juices. The blackcurrant has a spicy kick, which is blended with menthol and is a very nice vape.


Another flavour worth noting is the Lemon Sentry. It's a lemon drizzle cake flavour with a sweet, icing aftertaste. It's full of flavour and dessert lovers will love this vape.

All flavours by Generals Juices are well thought out and blend really well. Great  for all day vaping, so if you haven't tried them before then give it a shot!

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