Electronic Cigarette Kits

Electronic Cigarette Kits

Vaping Kits For Beginners


We have a wide range of vaping kits available both on our website, and in our shops. We offer electronic cigarette starter kits for the complete beginner or the intermediate vaper. E cigarettes have grown massively over the past few years and show no sign of slowing down. These entry level vaping set ups are designed to help new users get all of the equipment they need in one complete e cigarette starter kit. Starter kits are designed so that you don't have to worry about compatibility, or purchasing separate items. All kits come supplied with a minimum of 1 battery, 1 tank and a charger, but can have multiples if you are willing to pay more.

Tank Sections

There are several different tanks that are often used in E-Cigarette kits, top coil clearomizer, bottom coil clearomizer and cartomizers. Each of these provide a different vaping experience. For example the top coil clearomizers give a warmer vape when inhaled, where the bottom coil clearomizers give a slightly cooler vape when inhaled, with a slightly crisper taste. Cartomizers can be used either on their own, or in tanks if they have holes punched in the metal casing. Cartomizer are more work to get up and running, but are an extremely good preforming device, after you take your time to prime a cartomizer correctly.


The batteries provided in our kits are all 510/ego batteries, the difference between the batteries in the kits are the life or mah (milliampere-hour) of the battery and if it is variable voltage. The different mah available in our kits are 350mah, 650mah and 900mah depending on what kit you buy. The variable voltage battery has a rotatable base which allows you to change the voltage that is passed through the atomizer, there are clear markings around the base so you can clearly see what voltage your battery is set to.