Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice

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Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice

Colonel Boom are a UK company hitting us with their new brand 'Colonel Boom's Bang Bang'. They have an outrageous style and their 40/60 blend packs a punch that lives up to their name 'Bang Bang!' They have a great range that comes in eleven different flavours and we are sure they are going to be a huge hit.

Flavours Include:

  • Black Powder: A mix of anise and liquorice with a hint of fruit.
  • By Jove: Rhubarb and double cream with a hint of vanilla.
  • CeaseFire: Sweet strawberries, green apples and kiwi fruit.
  • HeadShot: Mentol peppermint with lime and fresh yogurt.
  • Comino: Raspberry, blueberry with light menthol and a plum and apple finish.
  • Coup D'Etat: Exotic citrus fruits, including pomelo, dragon fruit and papaya.
  • HeartShot: Fruity fizz tasting juice, reminiscent of a popular fizzy sweet.
  • Key West: Lime, condensed milk with filling and crumbly crust.
  • Marshal's Traite: Black grape and citrus fruits.
  • Over The Top: Passion fruit cheese cake.
  • Pearl Harbor: Custard with coconut and a hint of caramel and pineapple.

As you can see Colonel Boom's flavours are as unique as their branding. Each e-liquid is full of flavour and packs a great throat hit and vapour production.  Our favourite is Ceasefire, because we love strawberry.  But what's yours?

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