We stock a variety of vape tanks, atomizers and clearomizers from many different companies. The above products will vary from a range of different coil technology to suit different styles of vaping. These include bottom coil, top coil and dual coil ecig atomizers, in single and dual coil.  

Vape Tank Coil Types

Top coil vape tanks are designed for the casual vaper who likes a warm vaping experience. Bottom coil tanks are recommended for medium to heavy vapours who like a cool to medium vape. An added benefit to bottom coils is that there is less chance of a dry hit when being used heavily due to the coil being surrounded by e-liquid. Dual coil ecig atomizers are for the vapers that want a more intense flavour experience, although this will mean you will consume more e-juice over time.



Ecig cartomizers are held in high regard for their vapour production and flavour. They are extremely versatile as they can be used on their own or you can buy punched cartos (holes in the side) allowing you to use them in a vape tank system. You can also punch your own cartomizers with a tool called a carto punch, allowing you to customise the juice flow on every cartomizer you use.


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