Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers

Explore SmokShop's advanced ecig batteries and chargers above or in one of our stores. Here you will find a selection of different sized ecig batteries to be used in either a mechanical mod or a variable voltage/wattage mod. The capacity and size of the battery will determine the life of the battery (mAh) and what device it can be used in, some mods can use many different size batteries (telescopic mods) and some can only use one size of battery (static tube mods). On this page, you will find a variety of different ecig batteries to suit every users needs. We also stock higher draw batteries ideal for use in mechanical mods for users that want to push their vaping experience into the advanced sub ohm category.


Chargers for advanced ecig batteries are also listed on this page and are available as either a 2-bay battery charger for a 4 bay battery charger. For your safety, we sell safe charging bags that we highly recommend for use when charging, see here to purchase.


Batteries We Stock  

It is our number one aim to ensure that we supply our customers with the best e-cigarette and battery charging products on the market. Our advanced stock covers everything you require in the vape world, from ecig battery chargers to safety charging bags. We ensure that each e-cigarette battery is successfully trialled and tested by our experienced team members so that we can give you the best recommendations possible.

Some of our favourites include the Joytech battery charger, the Kanger Evod battery charger, the 18650 battery charger, and the Joytech Ego battery charger. Whatever your requirements, we are sure to stock something ideal for your needs!


Please ensure you read our page on electronic cigarette battery and e-liquid safety