Ego Batteries & Chargers

Ego Batteries & Chargers

At Smokshop, we offer a range of electronic cigarette batteries suitable for beginners. Most run at a standard 3.7 volts, but we also have on offer, some that are variable voltage (simply called VV) which means their power output can be turned up or down. Some variable voltage ecig batteries have a simple dial to adjust the power and some have a screen and control buttons.


Batteries We Stock


We stock a variety of electronic cigarette batteries and chargers online and in any of our stores. Some of our fan-favourite chargers are the Joyetech battery charger, the Kanger Evod battery charger and the Joyetech Eco Charger. 

Most of these pen style batteries are referred to as ‘ego’ batteries. Ego style means they use the outer thread around the top to screw on a small tank. Some ego batteries also have a ‘510’ connection which is a smaller inner thread to screw 510 tanks into. 510 tanks can be identified by the protruding thread on the bottom that screws inside the top of the battery. Ego tanks, such as the CE4 or CE5, have no protruding pin but an opening that the ego battery then screws into.

We sell a variety of starter kits that contain the electronic cigarette battery, tank and a charger if you are unsure about tank & battery compatibility. However, if you would rather buy components separately and need any help or advice please feel free to give us a call on 020 8133 8129.


Battery Measurements


All electronic cigarette battery capacities are measured in ‘mah’ or milliamp hours, ego batteries are likely to have anything from 400mah to over 1000mah. The higher the capacity, or 'mah', the longer the battery will last between charges. You will also find USB chargers here that you simply screw your ego battery into and then charge from any compatible USB port, such as, a computer, laptop or USB wall plug. You can also buy a car adapter allowing you to charge your battery from a car 12v socket.


Please ensure you read our page on electronic cigarette battery and e-liquid safety