Welcome to SmokShop's vape accessories page where you will find plenty of extras you can use with your personal vapouriser. Everything from drip tips, lanyards and empty refill bottles, to adapters, ego stands and carry cases.


Drip Tips

The widest range amongst our vape accessories is by far the drip tips as we stock many variants of styles and materials. These include stainless steel drip tips, aluminium drip tips, silicone drip tips and plastic drip tips. The styles include transparent, ribbon, bullet, rice tube, gourd, skull, king kong, knuckle head and various funky forms in stainless steel.


Carry Cases

We also stock a variety of carry cases in many sizes. Carry cases are a must have accessory for carrying all your vape gear around easily, cleanly and securely. This is down to them being quick and easy to access as well as being zip-up, with internal elasticated nets to carry (and store) the necessary equipment, juices, coils and vape accessories.


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