12 Best Sweet E Liquid Flavours

12 Best Sweet E Liquid Flavours

1. The Hugely Popular Shortfill: Dr Frost – Strawberry Ice

Sweet e liquid strawberry

Dr Frost are known for supplying some of the freshest e-liquids on the market. The flavours that Dr Frost specialise in are perfect for those summer months if you’re looking for a refreshing hit. The strawberry ice e-liquid combines a strawberry freshness with slight mint hit, which the brand itself describes as tasting like a strawberry ice pop. So, if you’re looking for an e-liquid that supplies a fresh hit and a ice lolly sensation, Dr Frost is definitely the way forward!

Sweet e liquidThe Absolute Best Sweet Flavoured E Liquid Flavours

When you’re filling up your tank do you sometimes fancy something sweet to vape?  I know I do. I used to be a traditional tobacco flavoured vaper, but then I started getting on to the sweet juices, and now I’m finding it hard to turn back. There’s something about a sweet flavoured e liquid that’s just... nice.  So with this in mind I’ve decided to give you a rundown of the 10 best sweet flavoured e juices by SmokShop.com. Hold on to your taste buds, it’s about to get sweet.

The vape world is constantly evolving and developing and sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult keeping up with all of it! New e-liquids are being created every day and it’s our job to try and keep on top of all the new creations.

What are Sweet E-Liquid Flavours?

It’s simple really, these e-liquids are designed to resemble and taste like popular sweets and deserts. There are thousands of unique sweet and desert-based e-liquids to choose from, but what they all share in common is that they have steered away from the traditional tobacco and/or menthol taste many smokers and vapers are accustomed to.

What are the Best Sweet E-Liquid Flavours?

Sweet and desert flavoured e-liquids have always been a mainstay in the vaping world. While tobacco is obviously a popular flavour, people have never had the luxury of inhaling something sweet and what was thought to be a fad or phase has now become one of the most popular e-liquid flavourings on the market. The list of the best sweet e-liquid flavours is almost endless, but names such as Suicide Bunny, Vampire Vape and Nova are household names that usually make lists like these.

2. The Massively Popular: Cupcake Man – Strawberry

Sweet cupcake

The Cupcake Man creates e-liquids that resemble dessert flavours, so you’re probably wondering why this flavour has been included in this list. Well, their strawberry flavour makes the list because it’s a combination of sweet and dessert flavours. The flavour itself resembles the icing you’d find on a strawberry cupcake. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then this may not be the flavour for you. However, for all the cake lovers our there who are looking for something a little sweeter (but still cakey) this has got to be your top choice.

3. The Sweetest of them All: Wick Liquor - Carnival

Carnival Sweet E Juice

Wick Liquor are a relatively new brand to SmokShop and I must say Carnival hits the sweet spot on my taste buds every time. It's an 80/20 VG blend so full of flavour and rich, thick clouds of vapour. But the best thing about it is it's a glazed doughnut flavoured e liquid. Let me say that again. It's a glazed doughnut flavoured e liquid. Just writing the words makes me dribble like Homer Simpson. This is a lovely juice with just a hint of strawberry jam. If like me you love sticky, sweet things. Then you'll LOVE Carnival by Wick Liquor.

4. Most Popular Sweet Tobacco: Vampire Vape Sweet Tobacco

Vampire Vape - Sweet Tobacco

Vampire Vape
are growing massively in the UK and have a tremendous range of flavours to choose from. I’ve picked Sweet Tobacco as I still have a soft spot for tobacco flavours and Sweet Tobacco has the best of both worlds. It’s a really nice vape, especially if you like tobacco flavours. It has an excellent throat hit and a nice, clean flavour.It’s not overly sweet, but just enough to give you a taste and it works very well with the tobacco. If like me you’re a fan of tobacco flavours, or you’ve just switched over to vaping from tobacco, then Vampire Vape’s Sweet Tobacco makes for an excellent choice.

5. Most Popular Cola Flavour: Zap! Vintage Cola

Zap! Vitage Cola Sweet E Liquid

Vintage Cola tastes like cola as you would expect. It's a blend of four flavours fused together for an experience your tongue won't forget. If you're looking for sweet, you don't get much sweeter than cola, and this offering by Zap! is delightful.

There are quite a few cola flavoured juices on the market, but Zap! offers something a little different. If you want something sweet and unforgettable, then Zap! Vintage Cola is the juice for you.

6. Most Popular Caramel Flavour: RY4 E Liquid

RY4 Sweet E Liquid

If you’ve tried the recently discontinued RY2 and like the taste of sweet tobacco, then why not give RY4 a bash. RY4 is similar to its counterpart but has even more caramel and even more sticky sweetness. It still stays faithful to an original tobacco flavour but has a delicious sweet kick that’ll have you craving for more.

This is one of my favourite all time vapes, so I had to add it to this list. Smokshop are still stocking it with 24mg of nicotine as well, so get ordering before it sells out!

7. Sweetest Fruit Flavour: Cherry

Cherry Sweet E Liquid

Last, but not least we have another flavour by Hangsen, but this time it’s Cherry. Cherry is a wonderful fruit and mixes well with so many things. We have Cherry Cola, Cherry Chocolate, Cherry and Cream and now we have Cherry flavoured e liquid. It’s a fruit that’s sweet, with a delicious cherry aftertaste.

This is a juice that’s hard to find anything wrong with and it would sit just as well in a fruit flavoured list as it does in a sweet flavoured list.

8. El Diablo Sweet Voodoo

El Diablo - Sweet Voodoo

El Diablo is a British e liquid manufacturer known for their unique flavours. Their mixologist claims he gets his inspiration from his dad, who’s an incredible chef, and if Sweet Voodoo is anything to go by, we have a lot to thank his dad for! Sweet Voodoo is a ripe strawberry flavour, smothered in thick cream and topped with sugar. This juice works great as a stand-alone strawberry flavour, but has a delicious sweetness to it.

It’s not overly sweet, and the cream is more of an afterthought. But the whole mixture is blended perfectly to deliver a yummy sweet vape.

9. Halcyon Haze Sweet Prudence

Halcyon Haze Sweet Prudence

Halcyon Haze have a great range of flavours, and if you’re looking for sweet then Sweet Prudence has it by the spoonful. It’s a fantastic 50/50 blended premium e liquid and produces a wonderful thick cloud. It’s has a strong throat hit and the combination of sweet honey, tangerine zest and vanilla work really well together. The tangerine comes through with the vanilla and combine to deliver a sweet, sweet injection.

If you’re looking for a sweet e liquid, then they don’t come much sweeter than this.

 10. Generals Juices Lemon Sentry

Lemon Sentry Sweet E Liquid

This is a dessert flavoured vape, and quite possible my favourite dessert in the whole world. Lemon Drizzle Cake. Generals Juices have done an amazing job or recreating this complicated flavour. The lemon comes through superbly, and it's topped off with an overtone of frosty icing. It's delicious, and almost as good as the real thing.

 12. Nova Bubblegum E Liquid

Bubblegum - Sweet E Liquid

Talking of childhoods. Who remembers Bubblicious? I’m not sure what age we grow out of bubble gum, but every kids loves it. Now Nova have replicated that heady, sweet flavour with their Bubblegum e juice. It does exactly what it says on the tin and is a strangely addictive flavour.

Again, if you want to try sweet, then Bubblegum has it in oodles.

Butterscotch E Liquid

Butterscotch Sweet E Liquid

Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, Hangsen make an exquisite Butterscotch flavoured e liquid. This is just dripping with sweetness and my cavities are aching just thinking about it. There are quite a few butterscotch flavours on the market now, but Hangsen were one of the first to bring us this crazy flavour.

What better way to delve into the world of sweet e liquid flavours than with some sweet, sticky butterscotch?

El Diablo Mambo

El Diablo - Mambo

This is another juice by El Diablo and I had to include it because it’s such a unique flavour. Mambo is a soft vanilla sponge, mixed with bananas and sweet cream with an added layer of sticky caramel. It’s a dessert flavoured overload and oozes with delicious sweetness. The banana is a genuine banana flavour, and not synthetic in any way.

The sweet cream comes through blended with the sticky caramel and the whole thing works amazingly well.  This is a wonderful blend and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

Yögg Zabadi

Zabadi Sweet E Liquid

If you haven't tried any flavours by Yogg yet then you're in for a real treat. Yogg specialise in yogurt flavoured juices and Yögg Zabadi is a delicious vanilla and mango blend which a lovely sweet touch.

As a yogurt flavour it still has that yummy, creamy texture and its laid over with a sweet vanilla essence and mango twist. Definitely worth a try.


Well, that’s it for now. We’re sure there are hundreds of sweet e liquids we’ve missed. Perhaps you’ve come across an e-liquid that should have made our list? New e-liquids are being created every day, so forgive us if we have missed out any new contenders! We try and keep this list updated but sometimes new flavours slip through our ranks. If you can think of any, ping us a line and we’ll happily add it!

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  • There’s loads of sweet flavours.. i tried gunny bear a few weeks ago that’s sweet. Cola, strawberry, blueberry.. the list goes on and on.

    Nes Westlake on

  • Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk is sweet. that should be on here?

    Terry Googe on

  • Lemon Sentry is the bomb! Ain’t tried any of the other yet but i will. Keep up the good work kev, like the new site by the way.

    Chaz Constable on

  • Brilliant list as always Kev, thanks. I’ve been buying juices from your shop in Norwich and the staff are really helpful. Think I’ll pick up a bottle of Carnival next time i’m in :)

    Sarah Pooley on