News — September-2014

Head's or Tails? (bottom and top coils)

Smoktech Top and Bottom Atomizer Coils

With so many different versions of e- cigarettes on the market and the huge variety of add-ons available, it is easy to get lost and confused about exactly what is what. At present the most popular type of electronic cigarette is the clearomizer tank, which is usually attached to an eGo battery or an advanced variable voltage/ variable wattage device. There are many different kinds of clearomizer tank out there, but today we are covering one of the main differences between them.

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France Cracks Down on Smoking and E Cigs

With all of the debate going on about e cigarettes at the moment, now France has had their say. They have decided to crack down on both tobacco and e cigarettes. You would think that they would realise that electronic cigarettes is a way to get people to kick tobacco, but alas no they are cracking down on both, as if they are the same thing.

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Child Safety Concerns and E Liquid

With the rise of e cigarettes it is perhaps inevitable that the amount of accidents involving e cigarettes is also going to rise. Just recently there was a case in New York involving a one year old child who accidently drank from a bottle of e liquid. The child was subsequently rushed in to hospital amid poisoning fears.

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Why Be Single When You Can Have Two On The Go?

Electronic Cigarette Dual Coil

In today's post we are going to cover a subject that has been the centre of many debates among vapers. Do you use a clearomizer tank, a cartomizer tank or a rebuildable atomizer?

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New Round of Debates on E Cigs

ecig debates

There has been a new round of debates about introducing new regulations on electronic cigarettes at the Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee in the US.

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