News — May-2015

Penguin E Liquid Review

Penguin Eliquid Norwich

For this blog we thought we would continue the theme of looking at different E Liquid manufacturers by taking a look at the relative newcomer Penguin. It seems E Liquid brands and manufacturers are popping up all over the place lately, and there has never been so much choice for the diligent vaper when it comes to what type of juice they put into their E Cigarette. As regular readers of our blog will know, we love to try out new E Liquid brands as they hit the market and we like to give our customers the chance to sample the full range.

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Proper Vapor E Liquid Review

Proper Vapor Eliquid Norwich

As most vapers will know, the choice of E Liquid has never been greater at moment and there is a mind boggling number of E Liquid flavours and brands available. We try to stock as many of these brands and flavours as we can so that customers of Smokshop have the widest choice available for their vaping enjoyment. Today we are looking at another new brand that goes by the name of Proper. Proper Vapor, or Proper E Liquid are quite new to the market and have a limited presence online. We are one of the first to stock their flavours and so far they are receiving favourable reviews for their smooth and distinctive flavours.

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Th3riac E Liquid Review

Th3riac Eliquid Norwich

It seems the world of E Liquid is a vast, expanding place and new manufacturers, brands and flavours are hitting the market at an ever increasing pace. This is great news for the consumer and the amount of choice and flavours for vapers has never been greater. As regular followers of our blog will know, here at Smokshop we make it our mission to bring our customers all of the new e liquids as they become available. We like to try each and every new flavour as it hits the market and sort out the wheat from the chaff to provide our customers with nothing but the best E Liquid.

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ANML Vapors E Liquid Review

ANML E-liquid Norwich

As regular followers of will know, we love our e liquids. We make it our goal to stock each and every type of e liquid that hits the market, and there are literally thousands to choose from. There are new e liquid manufacturers popping up all of the time, some good, some not so good and here at Smokshop we like to try each and every one of them so that we can pass on the best choice to our customers.

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King's Crown E Liquid

Kings Crown E-Liquid

As regular readers of our website will know, here at Smokshop we are huge fans of e liquid. We try to stock as many brands and flavours as possible, and as new brands become available we like to be the first to introduce them. Our customers have been lucky enough to be the first to try many e liquid flavours that have first been introduced to our shores by Smokshop and today we are looking at another newcomer, King's Crown. If variety is the spice of life, then there is plenty of variety in the e liquid market at the moment.

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