News — March-2015

UD Tibet Review

UD Tibet

The UD Tibet is another new rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDT) by the masterful e cig manufacturers Youde. It has the same style and quality as all Youde products and is a great addition to any advanced vapers toolbox. It has a classy design, a solid stainless steel construction and is an extremely versatile piece of kit.

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Stainless Steel UD Chloratit Review

UD Chloratit

The Chloratit is a new rebuild-able dripping atomizer by the company that love to bring us innovation in design and products, Youde (UD). Like all products by Youde it has a solid build and a unique design that is aimed to give you a stylish vape that will stand the test of time. Despite the name this is a great little atomizer that will grace the collection of any serious vaping enthusiast.

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UD Oak Leaf Mod Review

UD Oak Leaf Mod

The UD Oak Leaf Mod is a great new electronic cigarette mod created by Youde Technology. It has a fantastic brass and stainless steel finish making it an exceptionally sleek and stylish product and is small enough to make for an extremely discreet yet classy and high end e cigarette. For those that enjoy the finer things in life and like to add a touch of class to everything they do, then the UD Oak Leaf is the perfect choice.

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UD Xiphias Mod Review

UD Xiphias Mod

The UD Xiphias Mod is a brand new electronic cigarette mechanical mod by the pioneers of style, Youde Technology. It has an incredible robust stainless steel finish and is a striking, high end e cigarette product. Youde are known for their sleek designs and the Xiphias Mod is no exception. For those that want to add a touch of glamour to their vaping then the best place to look is Youde Technology, and the Xiphias Mod is a fantastic place to start.

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UD Goblin RBA Review

UD Goblin RBA

UD is a leader in the vaping business along with the AGA T atomizer collection. After the achievements of successful products like AGA T5, T6 as well as some other atomizers, they got plugged into producing Kayfun style atomizers and also launched the brand new product that is certainly becoming popular.

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