News — July-2015

Cosmic Fog E Liquid Review

Cosmic Fog E-liquid Norwich

In our quest to find the perfect e liquid we have been reviewing all of the brands and manufacturers that hit our shores. Today we are looking at a company from Orange Country, USA called Cosmic Fog. The guys at Cosmic Fog used to be a part of Space Jam e liquids, but decided to branch away on their own and created Cosmic Fog.

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GQ Vape Review

GQ Vape E-Liquid Norwich

It's that time again when we look at another e liquid brand to review. We've looked at a lot of e liquids here on the Smokshop blog, and today we are going to be looking at GQ Vape. 

GQ Vape are a relative newcomer to the world of e liquid and hail from Los Angeles, California. They have a funky logo and cool packaging and we are currently stocking all of their flavours here at Smokshop.

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Colonel Boom's Bang Bang E Liquid Review

Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice

Today we are looking at another e liquid brand and this time they are based in the UK. Colonel Boom Bang Bang are a British company developing and producing their e liquid right here in the UK. They currently have eleven flavours available and we are stocking them all on our website. They have been garnering some great reviews for their complex range of flavours and received many high praises across e cig forums on the Internet.

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Hangsen E Liquid Review

Hangsen Eliquid SmokShop

We have been stocking Hangsen e liquids on our website for years now and thought it about time we take a look at it and offer a review. Hangsen are one of the biggest e cigarette related companies in the world and have been making e cig products since 2009. They are so big they are considered the worlds largest e liquid manufacturer and we stock almost a hundred different flavours, right here on our website.

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Timebomb Vapors Review

Time Bomb Vapors E-Liquid

As regular readers of our blog will know, we are obsessed with e liquid. We try to sample and stock as many different e liquid flavours and brands as we can, and believe in giving our customers a wide a choice as possible. There are literally thousands of different e liquid flavours available and e liquid is as much about brand as it is about flavour. Each brand tries to be as unique as possible with their flavours and they each bring their own quirks and style to the vaping community, making e liquid as much about fashion as it is about taste.

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