Clapton Coils

Clapton Coils

Clapton Coils

We have started to do a series of articles around coil building. Rebuildable e cigarettes have a huge following and many vapers prefer to build their own kits so they can tailor their vape to exactly how they like it. It’s not a job for the faint hearted and personally we prefer the ready-made tanks we have available on But if an advanced vaper wants to dip their toe into the world of rebuildable e cigs, then they should be armed with some good advice.

We already did an article explaining what coil building is. Today we are looking at ‘Clapton coils’. Clapton coils are made using guitar string and not wire, which is something we are sure Eric Clapton is very proud of. Since it was introduced in 2014 by Derek Small rebuildable vape enthusiasts have been going wild for this new type of rebuild. Guitar strings have a great surface area and make the whole coil build a more effective process.

What You Need

To build a Clapton coil you need about 8 inches of 0.4mm guitar wire. You also need about 3 feet of 32 gauge kanthal to wrap around your guitar string and some 28 gauge kanthar to replace the guitar string when you have finished the coil. You then need a drill which you can use to wrap the two wires together.

  • 8 Inches of 0.4mm guitar wire.
  • 3 feet 32 gauge kanthal.
  • 12 inches 28 gauge kanthal.
  • 1 drill

First insert the 32 gauge kanthal in the side of your drill, and insert your guitar wire in the middle. You can then wrap the kanthal around the guitar wire a few times to get it started, ensuring it is tightly wound. Then you can slowly start your drill and it will wrap the kanthal around the guitar wire for you. It’s a slow laborious process but you will end up with an amazing looking Clapton coil. If you get any gaps you can push them together to make sure you have a tight, even coil.

After this you can pull the guitar wire out of the coil and insert the 28 gauge kathar into the hole. Trim any excess wire so you have a complete coil. You can then insert the coil into any rebuildable atomiser you choose. The size of your atomiser determines how many times you can wrap your coil. A Russian 91% atomiser for example will require 6 wraps. It is common sense really how many wraps you can fit into the atomiser and the bigger the atomiser, the more wraps you can afford. When wrapping make sure one tail of your coil is pointing up, and the other pointing down. This will make a nice finish when you tighten your coils into place. When the coil is fitted and screwed into place, crimp it as tight as you can so that no excess coil is showing.

When it’s all in place you can slide in your cotton, add your e liquid and you’re away. Make sure you test it properly and ensure its firing correctly before going ahead and vaping. Remember safety should always be uppermost in your mind when working on any electronics.

The Clapton coil is a fantastic innovation and provides a great flavoursome, full bodied vape. Fans of rebuildable kits have been raving about it since it was first introduced in 2014. If you are the type of vaper that likes to tinker, then why not give the Clapton coil a try and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

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