SmokTech XPRO M22

SmokTech XPRO M22


The SmokTech XPRO M22 is a mini-variable wattage box with incredible features for most users. A ‘box mod’ is a regulated device which is used to regulate voltage in your e cigarette. It is capable of variable voltage between 6 and 22 watts. It has an internal 2200mah battery which is charged by a nifty micro USB charging cable, with the charging port at the bottom of the mod. The M22 has an LED screen where you will be able to have a glance at the level of your battery capacity, the resistance and have a look at the wattage and voltage settings. Its structure is such that it is made from a durable Aluminium and Zinc alloy. It has a Mechanical mode which allows it to be used for sub ohm builds.


Some of its features make the SmokTech XPRO M22 a very effective box mod. It will fire atomizers with a resistance range of 1ohm to 4 ohms, this while in variable wattage mode. Not to be confused by any other product it has a clear brand name which is SMOK, which are well known for their innovative e cig products.

For easy operation, it uses a DNA style menu with three buttons for operation. To access the menu, you will need to click the firing button three times. The menu usually has two options, Mode and Power. The Mode option allows you to change between the Wattage Mode to the Mechanical mode. The second option enables you to switch off the device. To adjust the power to be more or less, you simply use the( +) and (-) buttons which increase or decrease power by 0.1 W. The fire button helps you to switch back and forth on the menu options. Use the same button to lock or unlock your device by clicking it five times.

The alloy material that it is made of, Aluminium and Zinc, enables it to serve you for a long time. This alloy makes the SmokTech M22 durable and light in weight. Though it is light, it is very compact which is very good for stealth vaping.

The variable wattage is 6-22 watts. The 510 connection has an airflow coupled with an adjustable pin. This ensures that all your atomizers flush and make good contact. It has a spring loaded brass spring and it has a DC-DC flat signal. One of the things that make the M22’s quality outstanding is that it has a high temperature protection. The thing that will make you identify most with the SmokTech XPRO is the style and shape that it assumes It is a mini box mod. The battery is in-built with a battery with an adequate capacity of 2200mah16A, which produces 22w of power. It can work in sub ohm when the mod is put into the Mechanical mode. In addition, the sub ohm vaping is very much applicable at Mechanical mode. Its dimensions are 22 by 38 by 85 mm and it comes in four prominent colours; black, silver, gold and grey.

All in all the SmokTech XPRO M22 is a compact, fantastic box mod which is easy to operate and is durable. It will give you an excellent vape and at £39.99 won’t break the bank either. As always we welcome your feedback, so if you have any comments regarding the SmokTech XPRO M22, feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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  • Hi Kerry, Please contact our support or Smoktech they’ll be able to give you more information.

    SmokShop on

  • I have had no problems with the xpro m22 however naw I can’t adjust the settings from high to low and it also says it’s charging when its not on charge just wondering what the life expectancy is and is this a common problem thanks

    Kerry on

  • Have had the Smok M22 X pro for 2 weeks and now it wont charge when connected to a plug socket.
    When it isn’t plugged in, it keeps saying 15% charge as if its charging however it isn’t plugged in and the battery isn’t increasing

    bouncingbeats on

  • Hi Duncan, The M22 has an adjustable 510 connection in the form of a flat headed screw have you tried raising this so it makes a stable connection to the adapter? or is it possible to raise the pin on the adaptor? as it sounds like a connection issue.

    SmokShop on

  • Bought the m22 with an aspire atomizet Saturday charged it up and started using it with no faults however now when I use the adapter for the tank it says check atomizer but it works fine without the ego adapter any hints on getting the m22 to work with it again

    Duncan on

  • The Mech Mode is a flat standard voltage, you can only increase the power in VW mode. If it says check atomizer? it means you’re not making a connection with the tank. Please try a flat head screw driver and raise the centre pin.

    SmokShop on

  • It says check atomizer but I cant get the mech mode to go up any. I want my money back.

    jordan stephens on

  • Bought this last week and have had mixed results. When charged and ready to go this is the best battery i have had. Nice strong vape and enjoy the variable wattage function, the screen is very clear and the material of the outer case seems light but strong. BUT in the 7 days i have used this product it hasnt reached 100% charge once despite charging overnight. At this point i’m unsure if there is a defect with the battery or the charging cable supplied as it appears to charge according to the screen but doesn’t actually do anything. I’m really disappointed to say the least.

    Martin on