10 Best Tobacco E Liquid Flavours

10 Best Tobacco E Liquid Flavours

Most people switch to vaping after years of smoking cigarettes. The benefits of vaping are obvious when compared to smoking tobacco, but for some it helps the transition by starting off with a tobacco flavoured e liquid. A tobacco flavoured e liquid replicates the taste of real tobacco, so you could close your eyes and almost be smoking the real thing. But are all tobacco juices the same?  We’ve run through 10 of the best, so if you’re an ex-smoker or a new vaper and want your e cigarette to be as close as possible to a real cigarette, you’re sure to find something that you’ll like here.

British Tobacco

British Tobacco is developed by Hangsen and licensed by Smokshop. It’s a classic British tobacco so tastes familiar to your average British cigarette. It’s a classic, reliable juice that’s been one of our biggest sellers for the past five years.

We currently have it stocked in 20ml bottles and from zero to 24mg of nicotine. Remember, as stocks sell out we’ll only be replacing with a maximum of 20mg nicotine due to new TPD regulations.

But if you’re looking for a solid tobacco e liquid then British Tobacco is right up there with the best.




Element Tobacco

If you’re looking for a premium juice with a smooth tobacco flavour, then Element’s tobacco flavour is one of the best you’ll find. Element are a highly regarded brand in the e liquid industry and all their juices are of the highest quality.

Their tobacco flavour is rich, smooth and offers a throat hit equal to any you’ll find in a real cigarette. We currently have it stocked in 10ml bottles with nicotine strengths between 6mg and 24mg.





Pale Blend Tobacco - No Longer Sold due to TPD

Pale Blend is another offering from Hangsen Smokshop and offers a smoother, softer flavour than traditional tobacco.

If you smoke Lights, or want to dial down the harshness of real tobacco then you may want to give this pale tobacco flavour a try. We have it available in 20ml bottles and nicotine strengths between zero and 24mg. 

Deluxe Tobacco

Hangsen spent a long time developing a tobacco range to suit everyone and have more tobacco flavours than any other brand.

Deluxe Tobacco has a richer flavour than both British and Pale Blend and offers a faithful representation of real tobacco. Again it’s available in 20ml bottles and nicotine strengths between zero and 24mg.






Smooth Tobacco E-Liquid

This again has been developed by Hangsen and this time they’ve gone for a smoother flavour. This tries to replicate the more expensive British cigarette brands and has a fuller flavour than the Pale Blend but smoother than the classic British tobacco.

If you like that smooth tobacco taste, then this might just be the juice for you.







Element 555

This is another tobacco flavour by Element, but this time has a surprising twist. Element 555 has the classic, rich tobacco flavour but with an added Hazelnut twist. They’ve blended hazelnut, almond, walnuts and an added a touch of caramel vanilla to create a sweet full bodied vape.

If you want to delve into the world of exotic juice flavours, but still want to hold on to that tobacco flavour you know so well, then Element 555 might make for an excellent choice.





Mild Blend Tobacco - No Longer Sold due to TPD

Mild Blend is another juice by Hangsen Smokshop and offers a middle of the range tobacco flavour. With so many cigarette brands and rolling tobacco flavours available, Hangsen are determined to find a tobacco flavoured e-juice that’s right for everyone.

Mild Blend falls between Pale Blend and British Tobacco. As with all juices you need to try a few to find which works best for you. But if you want something with a kick, but a little less throaty than a full tobacco, then it’s worth trying Mild Blend. We have it in 20ml bottles from zero to 24mg of nicotine. 

Flue Cured Tobacco

Flue Cured is massively popular in the States and this juice offers a faithful sweet American tobacco flavour. It has an excellent throat hit with a sweet aftertaste and we’ve recently had it sale so it’s sold out fast.

Keep an eye out for this juice though as it’s highly popular and makes for a great vaping experience.






Indian Tobacco - No Longer Sold due to TPD

This is another juice we’ve recently had on sale and it sold out faster than we imagined. Indian Tobacco is a strong flavour reminiscent of the rich, fuller flavours you’ll find on the Indian continent. If you’re looking for something with a kick then this is it. All our juices seem to sell out fast when we run a promotion, and Indian Tobacco was no exception.

Keep an eye out for it though, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter as we frequently put juices on sale and you’ll be surprised how quickly they get snapped up.


We’re always on the lookout for new tobacco juices, because we know that when a lot of people first switch to vaping they want their e cigarette to taste the same as real cigarettes. As we become accustomed to vaping we then feel we can be a little more daring with our juices. But tobacco flavoured e juice offers a great way to make that transition from smoking to vaping.

Do you know any tobacco flavours we’ve missed? Have you tried any of the flavours above? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!

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