Absolutely Flawless – Premium E Liquid in 60ml Bottles

Absolutely Flawless – Premium E Liquid in 60ml Bottles

For those who like to buy their e liquid in bulk, we have a monster new premium e liquid that comes in tasty sized 60ml bottles. We all know that Americans like things to be big. They have bigger cars, bigger buildings and even bigger burgers than us. So it stands to reason they’ll have bigger e liquid bottles than us, and they have! The good news is they’ve shipped them over here for us to enjoy as well.

Flawless Premium E Liquid

Flawless are an American e liquid manufacturer which is 100% American made. It’s created by the brains behind Lung Candy, which is a popular juice line in the States. Like most new manufacturers they’ve kept the range of their Flawless juices relatively small at the moment, but they have four great flavours which we’re sure you’ll enjoy. They come in two nicotine strengths, 2ml and 4ml and their high VG ratio (70/30) means they’re packed full of flavour.

Game Over

Flawless E Liquid - Game Over

Cereal flavours are all the rage in the States at the moment, and if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out. There’s something about breakfast cereal in a juice that just works. Game Over is a perfectly blended balance of fruit loops and a scoop of ice cream. On the inhale you get the refreshing cereal flavour that’ll help wake you up in the morning. It’s also got a hint of lemon and lime just to add a little zing to it. Then on the exhale you get that smooth flavour of ice cream. It’s a great tasting vape, and if Flawless develop any new flavours over the coming months we’ll be keen to give them a go.


Flawless E Liquid - Aftermath

Flawless have really pulled out all the stops with Aftermath. It’s a unique glazed doughnut flavour filled with blueberry and a side of vanilla bean ice cream topped with crunch berries. It’s a lot of flavour to squeeze into one bottle, but it works amazingly well. If you like sweet dessert flavoured juices, then you’ll love Aftermath. The blueberry comes through exceptionally well and for some reason mixed with the glazed doughnut it’s an irresistible blend that’s almost impossible to put down. There’s a hint of vanilla ice cream just to top it all off, and all in all this is a great vape. If you like doughnut, you’ll love it. If you like blueberry, you’ll love it. If you like blueberry dougnuts? It might just go down as your favourite all time vape.

Hot Mess

Flawless E Liquid - Hot Mess

Hot Mess is another dessert flavoured juice described as fresh soft gooey churros mixed with silky smooth vanilla ice cream. If you’ve ever been to the States and tried churros, then you’ll know how tasty they are. The closest thing we have to churros in the UK is Yum Yums. It’s a sweet, heady taste with a hint of cinnamon. And the vanilla ice cream is a smooth after taste that just adds to the all-round tastiness of the flavour. Flawless are quite new to the industry but if they keep making juices like this they’re going to be huge. Their flavours are perfectly balanced and Hot Mess has a worthy place on any vapers shelf. It’s great for an all-day vape, and the fact it comes in a 60ml bottle for less than £20 means it offers excellent value for money.

We Ain’t Done

Flawless E Liquid - We Ain't Done

The final offering from the delightful range by Flawless is We Ain’t Done.  We Ain’t Done is a strawberry cheesecake chimichanga smothered in cinnamon sugar and topped off with a vanilla bean ice cream. Flawless are sticking with their dessert theme with this juice, and as they’re so good at dessert juices we say, why not? It seems odd that a chimichanga would be set alongside a strawberry cheesecake and to be honest, you can’t really taste it that much. The strawberry is the dominant flavour here and the cinnamon comes through on the exhale. As a strawberry juice it’s really nice, but it’s a sweet strawberry as opposed to the strawberry preserve you’ll find in dedicated strawberry juices. It’s a great tasting vape though and if you want to get stocked up with these 60ml bottles then We Ain’t Done is a worthy addition to sit alongside the others.


For a premium juice coming in at under £20 for a 60ml bottle, Flawless offers excellent value as well as excellent flavours. The real stand out in the range is Aftermath, closely followed by Hot Mess, but all the flavours are exquisitely blended and make for a really enjoyable vape. And did we mention they come in 60ml bottles?

As always we’d love to hear your opinions. Have you tried any of the Flawless flavours? What do you think?

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