smoktech ego winder - variable voltage battery

Smoktech eGo Winder VV Battery

By Smok Tech


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The Smoktech Ego Winder Variable Voltage battery is similar to the standard Ego batteries on the market but uses smart buck-boost converter technology, which allows you to adjust the voltage output from 3.2v ~ 4.8v by spinning a dial located at the bottom of the battery. Be aware that using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery faster than at a lower voltage. We suggest you start with a low voltage and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right voltage for your atomizer/cartomizer.

Brand - SmokTech
Model - Winder
Thread - 510 and eGo
Capacity - 900mah, 1100mah or 1300mah
On/Off - 5 click on/off system

The Ego Winder VV battery offers 3 kinds of Protection:
Short Circuit Protection - When a short circuit happens, the battery will shut down until the short is removed
Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection - If you press the button for 8 seconds, the battery will be locked until the next pres
Low Voltage Protection - When the battery voltage is lower than 3.2v, the battery will shut down. 


Important information about battery & charging safety

Safe Charging Bag - Recommended when charging any batteries

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