eGo Battery

eGo 510 Battery (650/900/1100mah)

By Smok Tech


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This battery is part of a new generation of electronic cigarette products. This is where the power in your electronic cigarette comes from, allowing you to heat the filament that vaporises the E liquid and lets you create those lovely clouds of vapour.

To make sure that we get the highest quality products at a price to suit our customers, we source all our batteries directly from the manufacturers, Smoktech themselves. The eGo 510 battery is designed to fit the 510 dual coil cartomizers, but is a marked improvement on the original, classic 510 battery you may already be using.

A 650mah eGo 510 battery has 3.5 times the capacity of a standard 510 battery when based on standard resistance cartomizers, providing you with a much longer battery lifespan, while also producing a much bigger cloud of vapour thanks to its innovative dual coils design. You can even couple this up with a dual coil tank or Mega eGo Cartomizer and puff out clouds of vapour like you’ve never seen before! It’s able to do this because, while it’s the same length as that standard 510, it has a wider diameter, with the whole thing being attached to a cone to smooth the lines between the battery and atomiser end.

When it comes to which battery you decide to use we offer a choice of two sizes. The standard 650mah battery, as we’ve already mentioned, holds three times more power than a typical 510 battery. However, for an even longer lifespan you also have the option of carrying the 900mah battery. The 900mah battery carries even more power than its 650mah equivalent, but the payoff is that it will take longer to become fully charged.

We recommend the 900mah for heavy vaping, while the 650mah is better for light users or day to day use.


Important information about battery & charging safety

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