Caramel Mocha Flavour E-Liquid

Caramel Mocha E-Liquid

By Hangsen

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Caramel Mocha Flavoured E Liquid by Hangsen

Do you ever fancy a coffee, but would like something a bit sweeter? Then you'll love this caramel mocha flavour by Hangsen. It has all the coffee deliciousness of a mocha, but with a hint of sweet caramel. It's so tasty you won't be able to put it down. Perfect for early mornings or Saturday afternoons, after a busy day shopping. It tastes just like the famous drink, but without the sugar or calories. Go on, treat yourself to a delectable Caramel Mocha vape.



Health Notice
Please be aware that our liquid contains varying levels of nicotine and should be kept well out of the reach of from small children and household pets. All our bottle tops are child proof, but please make sure to screw the lids down properly before storing away.
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