Ego Batteries & Chargers

Welcome to SmokShops battery page. Here you will find a range of 510/eGo batteries most of which run at a constant 3.7v, the only batteries that do not run at a constant 3.7volts are the variable voltage 510/eGo batteries. The VV batteries will either have a rotatable dial at the bottom of the battery to adjust the voltage or the battery will have a small screen with multiple buttons to adjust the voltage up and down. The above batteries are also available in different mah (life of the battery) ranging from 450mah to 1300mah. The different mah are not available in every style of battery and the higher the mah the longer the battery will be.

You will also find on this page two different USB chargers that will have to be bought separately to charge your battery unless stated in the individual listing that the battery includes a usb charger. To use these chargers you simply screw the battery into the charger and plug the USB into a compatible device or plug, you can also buy an in car adapter allowing you to charge your battery in your car which is handy for holidays and long journeys.


Important information about battery & charging safety

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