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Electronic cigarettes, often called E cigarettes, or Ecigs for short, are an electronic alternative to smoking that is gaining in popularity, especially in the UK, Europe and North America. It is common for people to use E Cigarette products as a healthier alternative to smoking, our products are not a substitute product for tobacco smokers, they contain no tobacco and we make no claims it will cure your addiction to smoking. When switching to E Cigarettes the benefits are obvious: second hand inhalation is much less dangerous, the ingestion of carcinogens is much less, and less smoking is required to get the same amount of nicotine. Also smoking electronic cigarettes is much cheaper than standard tobacco, because it has far less tax added. It is also cleaner and doesn't make your clothes smell, or your teeth go yellow like standard tobacco.

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How Do Ecigs Work?

E Cigarettes work to simulate smoking tobacco by storing a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals designed to make the mixture vaporise and inhale well. The liquid is then converted to a warm vapour designed to simulate cigarette smoke by a battery powered atomizer, and inhaled by the user. This vapour is generally agreed to be much less harmful than traditional cigarette smoke. There are some advantages to smoking e cigarettes compared to standard cigarettes, and some clear health advantages. Perhaps the most noteworthy advantage that E Cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes is the reduced dangers of second hand inhalation. While regular inhalation of second hand smoke has proven health risks, especially for small children or those who are subjected to second hand smoke regularly over a long period of time, second hand E Cigarette vapour inhalation contains very few toxins, making it unlikely to post any health risk to those who inhale passively. The advantage of less risk of second hand inhalation has many implications for the application of E Cigarettes both practically and legally. Smoking is banned in most public areas and workplaces because of the dangers of second hand smoke, but if E Cigarette second hand inhalation can be proven safe, even for infants, pregnant women, and other sensitive demographics, E Cigarettes may become legal to smoke even in non-smoking areas.

Electronic Cigarettes have many advantages over traditional cigarettes, but there's still a lot more to learn about this relatively new technology. While it's clear that E Cigarettes are safer in terms of second hand inhalation, and likely to be less likely to cause lung cancer, they are certainly not safer than not smoking at all. While E Cigarettes may have a future in satisfying nicotine cravings in existing smokers and helping people who smoke, they are still dangerous, and abstaining is the safest bet.

Which E Cigarette To Choose?

E cigarettes are rapidly becoming more and more popular, and there is now a wide selection of e cigarette products to choose from. Consumers have found that some brands are better than others, for different benefits. For example, there are a few e cigarettes that are known for having a better flavour than others, while some have a better battery life, and others have a thicker vapour. Here at Smokshop we count customer service as our highest priority, so we only stock brands and products that are proven to work well. We have a huge range of e cigarettes and e liquids and all of the accessories needed to give you the absolute best vaping experience. So browse through our website and we are sure you will find the best electronic cigarette product and the best e liquid, to give you the best vaping experience.

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